2. Good morning, pupils! I am you teacher. My name is Mr Greenwood. What is you name? — My name is Thomas (Bess, Jack, Nick, Jane, Pam, Peter, Martin).

3. Ten pupils. She is a mouse. Her name is Mary. His name is an elephant. His name is Thomas. She is a fox. Her name is Bess. He is a cockerel. His name is Nick. She is a monkey. Her name is Pam. He is a rabbit. His name is Martin. He is a pig. His name is Peter. He is a bear. His name is Billy.

4. Тема урока: English alphabet.

6. He is Martin.

7. I have got a friends. He is nine. He is not lazy. He can run, draw and sing. He can’t swim. We got to school together.


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