1. Jim would like some soup, a ham sandwich and some tea. Jill would like some porridge, a cheese sandwich and some orange juice.

2. I would like a ham sandwich, some tea and a banana.

3. Does he/she like porridge (soup, fish, potatoes, a cheese sandwich)?

4. [α:] — farmer, car, park, farm, are.

    [o:] — horse, short, corn, of, morning.

    [з:] — girl, shirt, bird, her, dirty.

5. like — [ai], live — [i], take — [ei], see — [i:], short — [o:], bad — [æ], girl — [i], dark — [α:].

6. She is monkey. Her name is Pam. She lives in the forest. I would like to meet your friend.

7. My friend is not big. He is nice. He is brave and strong. He isn’t lazy. His nose is short. His eyes are dark. He can run and jump. He can count and read. He likes cabbage and potatoes. But he doesn’t like honey and oranges. We go to school together.


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