1. They would like to buy carrots, apples, a pen and a pencil.

2. I think I can buy bananas, oranges, lemons, carrots, cabbage and apples in the Green Shop. I think I can buy eggs, ice cream, butter, milk and cheese in the White Shop. I think I can buy coffee, tea, bread, a cake and sweets in the Sweet Shop. I think I can buy books, workbooks, rules, pens, pencils, rubbers and bags in the School Shop.

3. The White Shop: milk, butter, eggs, cheese, ice cream.

    The Green Shop: corn, oranges, cabbage, carrots, lemons, bananas.

    The Sweet Shop: tea, coffee, sweets, bread, honey, cakes.

    The School Shop: books, pencils, workbooks, pens, bags.

4. A smart dog, a grey mouse, a lazy rabbit, a blue parrot, a brave horse.

5. No, it can’t. Yes, they do. No, it doesn’t. Yes, they are. Yes, they are. Rabbits do. A bird (parrot) can. Yes, I can. Foxes live in the forest. Pigs like cabbage, potatoes. Yes, I would.

6. No, the bird can’t read.

7. Rocky, corn, speaks, Mr Greenwood, read.


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