1. A hat, a brown pencil.

2. I think the bag is orange. I think the pen is black. I think the book in green. I think the workbook is white. I think the rubber is pink. I think the pencil is brown. I think the jeans are blue. I think the hat is yellow.

3. [i:] — clean, read, tea, eat, speak, please, teacher, meat, jeans, ice cream.

    [e] — bread, healthy, head, breakfast.

4. A crocodile.

5. 3)

6. Yes, I do. Yes, the do. Yes, I do. Yes, it does. No, I don’t. No, it doesn’t. Yes, I do. No, it doesn’t.

7. Do you like tea? Do you like bananas? Do you like cheese? Do you like milk?


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