1. Good morning, Jim! Good morning, Jill? — Would you like some porridge? — No, thank you. But I would like some tea and a cheese sandwich. — Ok! Here you are. Help yourself! — Thank you, Jill! — You are welcome.

3. I am Jim. I am nine. I go to school. I can read and write. I like to swim and skip. For breakfast I like sandwiches, cakes and ice cream. I have got many friends. We play together o Sundays.

4. What, how, where, when.

5. A long neck, short ears, a short tail, a short neck, funny ears, a funny nose, a funny face, funny eyes, a strong tail, strong teeth, black ears, a back nose, black eyes, white ears, white teeth, clean ears, clean teeth, clean face.

6. meat, milk, coffee, corn, juice.


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