1. It is a parrot.

2. It is big? Is it slim? Can it fly? Can it run? Can it jump?

4. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten.

5. One busy morning eleven busy cats wash their faces and clean their teeth in the house. Twelve busy monkeys play football in the zoo. Thirteen busy pigs read good books at school. Fourteen busy rabbits write in the their workbooks. Fifteen busy foxes count their pencils. Sixteen busy dogs run and jump in the park. Seventeen busy ducks swim in the river. Eighteen busy birds fly in the sky. Nineteen busy frogs skip in the forest. Twenty busy cockerels on the farm. And only one little Baby Elephant sleeps in his room.

6. Who… — a little Baby Elephant does. What… — They read books. Where… — They sing on the farm. When… — They wash their faces one busy morning. How many… — Sixteen dogs do. Why… — The like to count.


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