1. Eleven, twelve, thirteen, twenty five, thirty one, forty six, fifty six, sixty two, seventy four, eighty eight, ninety three, one hundred.

3. [e] — bread, healthy, breakfast, head, pen.

    [ei] — grey, away, play, say, today, may.

4. He is late, he is wet and dirty.

5. 2, 4, 5.

6. 2).

7. When… — He goes to school in the morning. What… — he has got a bag with books, pens and pencils. Where… — He sees a frog in the park. How… — He can swim well. Why… — He is late for school. He is dirty.

8. My friend goes to school in the morning. He sees a little bird it skip on the road. He runs and looks at her. And he sees a red cat. It is nice and it can jump on the tree. My friend is on the tree too. And he can’t go down. His brother helps him, and he goes to school. He is late.


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