Part 1

1. Nick.

2. 1 — b, 2 — c, 3 — c.

3. Three pens, eleven cakes, seventeen oranges, twenty lemons.

4. 1) much, 2) many, 3) many, 4) likes, 5) go.

5. school, write, football, likes, honey, carrots.

Part 2

1. Eat carrots, apples and cabbage. Have porridge, cheese and milk for breakfast. Drink juice every day. You must wash face and hands, clean your teeth every day, run in the morning, skate, sky, and play football. Don’t be lazy.

2. My name is Mary. I am nine. I go to school. I like to read, write and count. I can dance and sing. I have got many friends. I like to play with them. We go to the park. I like to tide a bike and skip. I like to swim. I like Christmas. I have got a nice Christmas tree. I love you, dear Santa. I would like a Christmas present. I would like a new bike. Merry Christmas!


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