1. You can’t eat your cake and have it. b) — 3.

2. Help yourself.

    b) cabbage soup, meat and potatoes, cheese sandwich, ham sandwich, ice cream, orange juice.

3. Can you swim? Do you play tennis? Do you run in the park? Do you drink coffee for breakfast?

4. Read, are, ride, sing, sit, skate, can, ski, jump, play, swim, drink, eat, fly.

5. is, are, is, am.

6. Does the pupil read and speak well? Does Billy live in the forest?

    Does Bess skate in the park? Does Martin play chess?

7. Jane doesn’t like to eat. Jill and Pam don’t play hockey. Pam can’t ride a horse. Rocky doesn’t sing at home. Dino isn’t a teacher.

    Pupils aren’t lazy.


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