2. B is the second letter, I is the ninth letter, R is the eighteenth letter, T is the twentieth letter, H is the eighth letter, D is the fourth letter, A is the first letter, Y is the twenty-fifth letter in the ABC.

4. My birthday is on the second of July. My mother’s birthday is on February, 15 ͭʰ. My father’s birthday is on the twenty-fifth of October. My brother’s birthday is on March, 27 ͭʰ.

5. Например: «My birthday is on the 23 ͭʰ of April.»

6. The 2 ⁿͩ, 5 ͭʰ, 8 ͭʰ, 10 ͭʰ, 13 ͭʰ, 17 ͭʰ, 21 ͭʰ of February.


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