1. Pupil’s present is a computer game.

2. I’d like to have a scooter (a computer game, a player, roller skates, a ball, a bike).

4. Rex has got a lot of presents: a red ball, a nice teddy bear and a bone.

5. Rex’s birthday is on the 28 ͭʰ of February. Rex is three. Mussy, Doggie and Patrick come to see Rex. They have got a birthday cake, meat for Doggie, ham for Rex, carrots for Patrick and fish for Mussy. It is a birthday party, they have a lot of fun.

6. Rex has got a lot of present: a red ball, a nice teddy dear and a bone.

7. We would have a big birthday party. My pet’s friends would come to see him. They are a black cat Pussy, a white dog Lessy. He would have a lot of presents.


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