3. Jim’s birthday is on the tenth of February. Jim has got a lot of presents (a puzzle, a teddy bear, a ball, a scooter, roller skates and a player) for his birthday. They have got a birthday cake for Jim’s birthday. Pam likes to play with a teddy bear; Jim and Martin like to play computer games.

4. Do you like to play computer games? — Have you got a new computer game? — Ok! Let’s!

7. He doesn’t like to play with a doll. But I like to play with a doll. He likes to play Lego. I like to play Lego, too. I like to roller skate. He likes to roller skate, too. He likes to sing and dance. But I don’t like to sing and dance.

8. I like birthday parties. When it is my birthday a lot of friends come to me. They give me a lot of presents. We have got a birthday cake on the table. We have got a lot of sweets, ice cream, bananas, oranges, juice, tea… We play many games: we play ball, play computer games, play with a teddy bear, play chess.


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