2. 1) I can see a postman in the picture.

    2) The letterbox is red.

    3) I can see six stamps in the picture.

    4) I can see a Christmas tree in the poster.

    5) I can see three envelopes in the picture.

4. A letter, a new post office, a nice postcard, white paper, an old stamp, count stamps, a red letterbox, write an address, an English postman, draw a postcard, have got a lot of envelopes and stamps. I like to write letters to my friends. Mother usually goes to the new post office. I get nice postcards when I have got a birthday. You can buy white paper in the post office. My Grandfather has got a lot of old stamps. There are a lot of stamps, I can’t count them all. Mum usually throws letters into the red letterbox. You must write an address on the envelope. I would like to see an English postman. My friend likes to draw postcards. A postman has got a lot of envelopes and stamps.

5. An envelope and a stamp to Russia, blue writing paper.

6. I think I can buy envelopes, stamps, postcards, writing paper.

7. Hello! Can I help you? — Hello! I’d like to sand a postcard to my friend. Have you got postcards? — Here you are. — Have you got stamps? — Here you are. You can take any. Would you like an envelope? — No, thank you. Bye! — Bye-bye.


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