1. 9 — She has got nine pets.

    The 16 ͭʰ — Her birthday is on the 16 ͭʰ of April.

2. My name is… My surname is… I’m from Russia. I live in Moscow. I’m nine. I’m a student. I’m in the third form. Yes, I’ve got a pet. My birthday is on the… of… I like to…

4. I like the first letter. I like football, too. / I like the third letter. I have got a lot of pets, too.

5. 1) Evan’s birthday is in spring.

    2) Andrew has got three pets.

6. Diana is seven. Evan has got his birthday on… Andrew has got. Andrew lives in London. Diana is in the 2 ⁿͩ form.

7. Diana’s cats. … Andrew’s dog. …Andrew’s birds. …Diana’s dog.

8. Diana Tunen. She is seven. She is from Great Britain. She lives in Cambridge. She has got 9 pets. Diana has got 3 cats, 1 dog and 5 fish. She lives with her dad, mum, brother and two sisters. She is in the 2 ⁿͩ form. Her birthday is on the 16 ͭʰ of April.


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