1. Andrew has got a player.

2. The first postcard is for a birthday. My birthday is on the… of… The second postcard is for the New Year’s Day. It is on the 1ˢͭ of January.

    The fourth postcard is for Christmas Day. It is on the 7ͭʰ of January.

    The fifth postcard is for the first day of school. It is on the 1ˢͭ of September.

3. the 3-rd picture.

4. 3) She likes to ask questions.

5. 1) smart.

    2) four dolls, a doll’s house, two teddy bears, three balls and a bike.

    3) Ask a lot of questions.

    4) Dad and me a lot of questions every day.

    5) Answer Rose’s questions.

6. 1 — 2) The boy’s postcards are beautiful.,

    2 — 3) The girls’ dolls are nice.

    3 — 1) The boy’s ball is red and blue.

7. My name is… My surname is… I an nine years old. I am from Russia. I live in Moscow. I have got a big family: I have got a mother, a father, two sisters, a grandfather and a grandmother. I can read, write, count and draw. I can swim, ride a bike. I like to dance. I usually dance on Sundays. I like to draw and sing. In summer I like to swim in the river. My favourite holidays are my birthday and the New Year’s Day. On the New Year’s Day we have got a Christmas tree, we have got a lot of presents. We have a lot of fun.


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