Part 1


1. Tiny gets a big cake for his birthday.

2. 1 Tom’s birthday is on the eighteenth of July.

    2 He can play tennis, draw, ride a bike and play computer games.

    3 Tom would like to have a cat.

3. are, likes, live, write, first.

4. 1 — a) Thee girl’s flowers are nice.

    2 — b) The boys’ stamps are old.

5. When is your birthday? Who lives in the forest? Why does he like spring? Can you play tennis?

6. school, beautiful, swim, ride, third.

7. Dear Tom, I am from Russia. My birthday is no the …of… My favourite holiday is the New Year’s Day. I can swim, ride a bike, roller skate and play tennis. I like to sing and dance.

    Your pen friend, …


Part 2

1. Tiny is pupil. He goes to Green School. He lives in the English forest. He is kind and energetic. His favourite season is summer. He likes jam, sweets and cakes. His favourite holiday is Christmas. He like to play with his friends. He can write fairy tales and poems. He likes to swim in the river, listen to music, play computer games, draw funny pictures, watch TV.

2. — Hello…! — Hello! — What do you like to do? — I like to draw funny pictures and listen to music. — And what can you do? — I can play tennis, I can swim, I can draw. — What season do you like? — I like summer. I have got a birthday in summer. — When is your birthday? — My birthday is on the 3-rd of July. — What would you like to get for your birthday? — I would like to get a new bike.


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