4. (a) Big nose (ears, eyes, feet, (a) head, (a) mouth, (a) hand), long ears ((a) leg, (a) arm, fingers), short ears, a short leg, a short arm, short fingers, nice eyes, nice hair, a nice hand, a nice face, white teeth, black eyes, a kind face, kind eyes, clean feet, a clean hand, a red nose, a red mouth, beautiful eyes, beautiful hair, a beautiful face, angry eyes, an angry face.

5. It has got a long nose. It has got three eyes. It has got four legs. It has got funny hair.

6. What is your name? — My name is…

    How old are you? — I am nine.

    Are you a student? — Yes, I am. I am in the third form.

    What do you like to do? — I like to read and draw pictures.

    Can you fly? — No, I can’t.

7. my sister, smart, student, draw, write, summer.

8. We have got only parrots and fish. We don’t go to school, computers are our teachers. We have post offices and postmen. We can’t play football. We have only summer. We have got mountains.


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