2. face — round, lovely; eyes — brown, ears — small, brown, nose — black, hair — dark.

3. Is his nose black? Are his eyes brown? Are his ears pink? Is his hair red?

4. His face is round. His eyes are green. His nose is short. His hair is blond. His ears are small.

5. Tiny is a gnome. He often plays jokes. He likes to roller skate, ride his scooter.

6. 1) He always smiles. His eyes are kind. He has vary big ears.

    2) He likes ice cream, cakes, sweets, chocolate and jam.

    3) He likes to listen to music and roller skate.

8. 1 — d, 2 — c, 3 — b, 4 — a.

9. a gnome; a fairytale forest; very big ears; cakes, ice cream, sweets, chocolate and jam; play computer games, listen to music, ride his scooter and roller skate.


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