2. You must clean your teeth, wash your hands and face. You must not watch TV all day long. You must run and jump, ride your bike and swim.


3. Do you wash your hands and face? — Yes, I do.

    When do you have breakfast? — I have breakfast at 7.30 am.

    When do you do your homework? — I do my homework at 4.00 pm.

    Do you walk in the park? — Yes, I do.

    When do you go to bed? — I go to bed at 9.00 pm.

4. Kirill has breakfast at 7.40 am. He does his homework at 5.00 pm. He doesn’t walk in the park. He goes to bed at 9.30 pm.

6. 1) looks like,

    2) looks like,

    3) look,

    4) look at.

7. like, get up, wash, teen, play, write, please. Martin and his friends listen to fairy tales and write letters.


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