1. 5 pigs and 6 hens.

2. two hens (cockerels, pigs, fish, mice, rabbits, boys, monkeys, girls, men, children, women).

3. a tooth, men, a mouse, a woman, children, a fish, rooms, a box, foxes, a horse, hens, a letter.

4, flowers, bubbles, evening, friends, fairy tales.

5. At 8 am he has breakfast. At 9 am he goes to school. At 1 pm he has lunch. At 3 pm he goes home. At 4 pm he has dinner. At 5 pm he does his homework. At 7 pm he writes fairy tales. At 8 pm he watches TV. At 9 pm he goes to bed.

6. What is Tiny? — He is a gnome. How old is he? How old is Tiny?

    — He is nine. Is he a student? — Yes, he is. Where does he live?

    — He lives in the English forest. When does he get up? — He gets up very early, at 7 am. Can he write fairy tales? — Yes, he can. Has he got many friends? — Yes, he has.


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