1. Alex, Ben.

2. She is smart and kind. Her eyes are brown. She can play tennis.

    She likes to play jokes.

3. a big foot, a favourite tale, a funny book, a beautiful woman, a nice child, an angry man, a small child, a brave girl, a clean tooth, a long fairy tale, a white tooth, a little fish, a grey mouse.

4. 5 favourite fairy tales, 8 funny books, 6 beautiful women, 3 nice children, 2 angry men, 4 brave girls, 7 clean teeth.

5. He meets Mary, Peter and Martin.

6. His name is Ufo. His eyes are grey. His nose is long. His ears are big. He has got three eyes. His free are big. He has got two hands and four legs.

7. I am a robot. I have not got any friends. I want to find friends.


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