1. Kate.

2. Ann has got blond hair. Her eyes are grey. She can be a Cinderella.

    Rose has got brown hair. Her eyes are brown. She can be…

3. Ufo has got 5 friends: Mary, Martin, Peter, Bess and Billy.

5. I think Peter the pig goes to school at 8.30 am. I think Mary the mouse has lunch at 11.40 am. I think Ufo goes home at 2 pm. I think Bess the fox has dinner at 3.15 pm. I think Billy the bear reads a book at 7.45 pm. I think Ufo watches TV at 8.30 pm.

6. Is Mary the mouse little? — Yes, she is. Can Peter the pig dance? — I think he can. Does Martin the rabbit like Bess the fox? — Yes, he does. Where do the friends live? — They live in the forest. Would you like to live with six friends? — Yes, I would.

7. His name is Ufo. His eyes are grey. His nose is long. His ears are big. He has got three eyes. His feet are big. He has got two hands and four legs. He wants to have friends. He meets five friends.


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