1. I can run. I can jump. I can dance. I can sing. I can skip. I can swim. I can draw.


2. Например:

    — Hello! What is your name?

    — Hello! My name is Kate.

    — How old are you?

    — I am ten.

    — Can you sing?

    — Yes, I can.

    — Can you swim?

    — Yes, I can.


3. Tiger, please run! Ok! Bear, please dance! Well done! Monkey, please count from one to five! Fine! Parrot, please fly! Ok! Lion, please, draw a picture! Well done! Elephant, please write the letter B! Fine!


4. The fish cannot fly. The crocodile cannot dance. The lion cannot sing. The parrot cannot skip. The cockerel cannot swim.


5. D, I. F, H.


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