1. Nine rabbits, seven hens, one cockerel, two dogs.


2. He has got nine rabbits. He has got seven hens. Ha has got a cockerel. He has got two dogs.


3. Например: — Hello! — Hello!

    — Have you got a mother?

    — Yes, I have got a mother?

    — How old is she?

    — She is 30.

    — Have you got a father?

    — Yes, I have got a father.

    — How old is he?

    — He is 35.

    — Have you got a dog?

    — Yes, I have got a white dog. His mane is Bill. He is five.


4. Например: I have a friend. Her name is Kate. She is eight. She can swim and run well. She cannot sing. She has a mother. Her name is Ann. She is 29. Kate has a father. His name is Kirill. He is 32. Kate has a kitten. Her name is Marta. She is grey.


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