1. I like the tiger. The tiger is big.

    I like the frog. The frog is funny.

    I like the lion. The lion is big (brave).

    I like the parrot. The parrot is brave.


3. [i:] — he, she, we, green, see.

    [æ] — Ann, bag, hat, has, fat, cat, black, rabbit, can, sad, and.

    [i] — big, sing, pig, is, it, Nick, stick.

    [e] — pen, hen, ten, leg, yes, seven, pencil, red.

    [ʌ] — fun, mum, bus, but, up, run, duck, jump.

    [h] — hat, has, hen.

    [ð] — with, the, this.

    [dʒ] — Jill, Jim, jump.


5. 1) he, a duck, she, Ann, a rabbit, a cat, we, pigs, a fox, a green frog, they.

    2) see, run, swim, skip, jump, sing.

    3) can, must.

    4) am, is.

    5) has got.


6. Ann hasn’t got. Ann has got a cat. Bob hasn’t got a cat. Bob has got a dog. Ann’s cat isn’t grey. Ann’s cat is black. Bob’s dog isn’t black. Bob’s dog is white. The cat isn’t angry. The cat is happy.


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