1. It is smart. It is not lazy.


3. Ann is sad. She cannot swim.

    His cat is fat. The cat is lazy.

    I see a crocodile. The crocodile is strong.

    Nick’s dog is funny. It can skip and swim.

    A fox is bad. The fox likes hens.


4. The cat is sad. A monkey is funny. The parrot is merry. The wolf is bad. She is lazy. The lion is brave. The duck is nice. The dog is angry.


5. The bear is strong. Alice is nice. Tom is lazy. Tricky is brave. Tricky is angry.


6. Is Tricky angry? — Yes, he is. Is Alice nice? — Yes, she is. Is the bear strong? — Yes, it is. Is Tom lazy? — Yes, he is.


7. A crocodile is strong. It can swim, run and jump.


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