2. Tim has got a hat. He is slim. He is not fat. He can play football. He can’t swim. He likes animals.

    Tom has got a cat. He is big. He is not strong. He can jump. He can’t fly. He likes cats and dogs.

    Tricky has got a crocodile. He is slim. He is not sad. He can ride a crocodile. He can’t ski. He likes his crocodile.


4. [ei] — grey, skate, name, take, brave, lazy, cake.

    [ai] — like, bike, my, fly, shy, nine, nice.

    [ŋ] — sing, strong, cunning, king, angry.

    [k] — cat, can, book, black, clock, like, crocodile, Nick.

    [w] — one, white, why, what, where.

    [dʒ] — Jill, Jim, jump.


5. Ann likes tennis.


6. She is seven. She has got mum and dad. She has got a cat and a dog. She can skate, skip and sing. She cannot swim.


7. Например: — Hello! My name is Valera. What is your name? Do you live in Africa?

    — Hello! My name is Iman. I live in Africa.

    — Have you got a mother, a father, a sister?

    — I have got a mother and a father. I have not got a sister. I have got a brother.

    — How old are you?

    — Can you read and write?

    — Yes, I can.


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