1. He is Nick.


3. Гласная в закрытом слоге: his, with, big, cat, crocodile, dog, clock, jump, but, pen.

    Гласная в открытом слоге: why, go, like, music, nine, home, blue, he, pupil, my, stupid.


4. It is dog.


5. I have got a friend. It has got a pink nose.

    It likes to go to the forest. It runs and jumps in the forest. It lives with me.

    But it can’t fly.


6. It is big and strong. It is slim. It is green, red and blue. It is not fat.

    It is not angry. It is not lazy. It can skip and jump. It can swim. It can sing. It cannot play football. It cannot play tennis.


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