3. 1) [i:] — bee, he she, green, thee, we, see.

    [ei] — grey, skate, name, take, brave, lazy.

    [ai] — like, bike, my, fly, shy, nine, nice.

    [əu] — nose, no, close, go, home, toe.

    [ju:] — you, pupil, music, stupid.

    2) [w] — what, why, we, one, with, well.

    [dʒ] — Jill, Jim, jump, Jack.

    [h] — hello, hen, he, home, house.

    [r] — red, run, grey, green, merry, brave, strong.

    [k] — cat, duck, close, cockerel, skate, ski, crocodile, like.

    [ŋ] — sing, strong, cunning, king, angry.


4. His name is Tom.


5. Tim is slim. Tim is not angry. He can run.

    Alice is nice and shy. She is not stupid. She can draw.

    Tricky is slim. He is not bad. He can swim.

    Martin is nice. He is not angry. He can write.

    Billy is funny. He is not fat. He can run and jump.


6. Is he (she) nice (funny, brave, stupid, strong, bad, fat, slim, angry, shy)? Can he swim (sing, read, write, draw, run, jump, skip)?


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