Четыре арифметических действия: сложение, вычитание, умножение, деление. Задание: 27-37.

сложение, вычитание, умножение, деление 27_37
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Четыре арифметических действия: сложение, вычитание, умножение, деление. Задание: 16-27

сложение, вычетание, умножение, деление 16-27
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Четыре арифметических действия: сложение, вычитание, умножение, деление. Задание: 11-16

четыре арифметических действия
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Нумерация. Задание: 1-8

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Section 7. Homework

Lenny is the correspondent of our school newspaper. Usually he is responsible for the holiday social programme. Last week he arranged our visit to the museum. He has a good sense of humour. He plays different musical instruments. But most of all he likes to play guitar. Tomorrow he will take pare in a concert in the local club. He lives not far from our town and goes there by bus.
1. …, isn’t she? — Джесс организует студенческий обмен, не так ли,
2. …, isn’t shh? — Лена остановилась в Лондоне в приемной семье, не так ли?
3. …, can’t he? — Ден умеет играть на разных музыкальных инструментах, не так ли?
4. …, can they? — Они не говорят на иностранных языках, не так ли?
5. …, haven’t you? — У тебя есть два близких друга, не так ли?
6. …, haven’t it? — Наша школьная футбольная команда дала интервью, не так ли?
1. Who are her parents? — Ее родители очень добрые и гостеприимные люди. — Какие ее родители?
2. When did they visit many interesting places? — Они побывали во многих интересных местах на прошлой неделе. — Когда они побывали во многих интересных места?
3. How many questions will we ask them? — Завтра мы зададим им 10 вопросов. — Сколько вопросов мы им зададим?
4. Where did her father have an opportunity to travel to last year? — В прошлом году у ее папы была возможность поехать в Африку. — Куда была возможность поехать у ее отца в прошлом году?
5. Why haven’t we been homesick? — В этой дружелюбной приемной семье мы не скучаем по дому. — Почему мы не скучаем по дому?
1. An independent and serious student
2. A curious and friendly puppy
3. An understanding and loving friend
4. A obedient and polite student
5. A naughty little sister
1. Our granny likes to travel and to spend her free time outdoors.
2. This polite and tactful librarian is my elder sister.
3. This serious engineer has a good sense of humour.
4. My younger brother doesn’t like formal clothes and short hair.
5. This guide gets on well with naughty children and their parents.
A kind mum — добрая мама
A polite woman — вежливая женщина
A non-athletic grandmother — неспортивная бабушка
A cruel man — жестокий мужчина
A clever computer programmer — умный программист
A quite boy — тихий мальчик
A friendly guide — дружелюбный гид
A rude driver — грубый водитель
A silly question — глупый вопрос
A noisy brother — шумный брат
An athletic dad — спортивный папа
A wise grandfather — мудрый дедушка
A tactful librarian — тактичная библиотекарь
An obedient sister — послушная сестра
Section 7. Homework
1. Who were close friends?
2. What did Kellie often carry to school?
3. Where did they go together every day?
4. What did the robber do?
5. Who saw the robber?
1 — a
2 — e
3 — b
4 — c
5 — d
Martin got up early in the morning. It was his tenth birthday. At eight o’clock my parents will come to my room and say «Happy birthday!» They will probably kiss me and give me a shirt of a bag. Martin thought. He really wanted a funny little puppy of a cute kitten. But his parents were against pets.
Suddenly Martin’s mum and dad came in. «Happy birthday!» they said and gave him a big bag. Martin opened the bag and a black puppy jumped out of the bag. It was the best day in Martin’s life.
1. A Sports club
2. An unforgettable event
3. A talkative old man/ granddad
4. A hospitable grandma
5. Living parents
1. A dog and a girl always get on well with each other.
2. Parrots are the noisiest domestic birds.
3. Honey is a very naughty hamster.
4. Yesterday the police arrested a robber.
5. That was a very dull/ boring story.
My hobby is listening to music. My favourite type of music is rock. I don’t play any musical instruments. But I like to listen to music. All my friends are fond of rock music too. Our dream is to start a rock band and to invite our families and friends to our concert.
My best friend’s mane is Natasha. She is 11 years old like me. She is a very pretty girl with grey eyes and curly blond hair. She is not too tall and not too short. She is very tactful and smart. Her favourite subjects are Maths and English. Natasha has got an interesting hobby. She collects minerals. There are a lot of minerals in a box in her room. They are different in colour and size. I think Natasha is great.
1. Smart and creative. — Хороший инженер умный и тактичный.
2. Hardworking and strong. — Современный фермер трудолюбив и силен.
3. Polite and tactful — Хорошая медсестра вежлива и тактична.
4. Faithful and fair — Настоящий друг верен и честен.
5. Kind and loving — Если вы любите своего питомца, то вы добрый и любящий.
6. Brave and strong — Отличный полицейский храбрый и сильный.
2. Computer programmer — Сегодня многие люди работают с компьютерами. Но некоторые из ни создают новые программы. Они называются программистами.
3. Dentist — Если у вас проблемы с зубами, вам нужно сходить к стоматологу
4. Manager — В офисе много менеджеров. Они обычно одеты в темные костюмы и белые рубашки.
5. Nurse — Моя мама ухаживает за больными в госпитале. Она медсестра.
6. Singer — Ты бы хотел стать певцом? Если да, то тебе придется выучить наизусть много песен.
1. A smart kid.
2. An independent correspondent.
3. A wise answer.
4. A hospitable housewife.
5. A sociable driver.
1. Many people have computers at home.
2. A Bodyguard is a dangerous job.
3. I want to become a vet.
4. Who are you going to be?
1. A
2. The
3. A
4. A
5. A
1. Writer — Марк Твен — известный английский писатель.
2. Translator — Вы знали, что Самуил Маршак был хорошим переводчиком?
3. Driver — Вы бы хотели стать водителем у известного человека?
4. Traveler — Мы пригласили его в кружок «Юных путешественников».
5. Dancer — Завтра на представлении появится лучший танцор.
6. Librarian — Кто вы? — Я библиотекарь.
Проверь себя
Часть 1. Аудирование. Чтение.
Задание 3.
А — о жизни испанского ученика.
Задание 4.
1 — T
2 — F
3 — T
4 — F
Задание 6.

Moscow, Russia
25th of August
Dear Tom,
I’m so glad to get a letter from you. I’m sorry not answer it in time.
In your last letter you asked many questions, I’ll try to answer some of them now.
Well, as for my pets, I’ve got some. First is frog Plumpy. She lives in a big glass jar and sings her frog songs every night. It’s fantastic! Second is Roland. He is a snake. He lives on a shelf over the table. He is very calm and wise. I like my pets and also take care of them every day just like you. I don’t want to become a vet, when I grow up. I’d like to become a poet, because I often write funny poems about my life with pets.
How are cats? How do they get on with each other?
Best wishes, Max

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Section 5. What are you going to be?

Dentist – дантист (стоматолог)
Computer programmer – программист
Farmer – фермер
Taxi driver – таксист
Businessman – бизнесмен
Police officer – полицейский
Doctor – доктор
Architect – архитектор
Pilot – пилот
Vet – ветеринар
Mechanic – механик
Sportsman – спортсмен
Manager – менеджер
Correspondent – корреспондент
Poet – поэт
Actor – актер
Journalist – журналист
Мартин – a correspondent
Стефан – a computer programmer
Джулия – an actress
Джесс – a vet
Дима – a sportsman
Катя – a doctor
Лена – a teacher
Даша – an artist
1 — i
2 — d
3 — j
4 — a
5 — c
6 — k
7 — l
8 — b
9 — e
10 — f
11 — h
12 — g
Section 5. What are you going to be?
In ten year, probably I’m going to be a writer. He tells people about things that nobody notices. Writer should be creative and sociable.
I’m going to be an actress in ten years. She makes people believe in the role she plays. An actress should be creative, easygoing and have a good memory.
In ten years, I think, I’m going to be a manager. He helps the firm to work and arranges all kinds of things. He needs to be responsible and sociable.
a) 6
b) 5
c) 4
d) 1
e) 3
f) 2
My Dad is a journalist. He spends much time travelling around the world and gathering information for his articles. He works on weekdays and on weekends; this means that he hasn’t a schedule. He loves his work. He takes photos and then I can read his articles in the magazines for travelers and look at the photos he made. I would like to become a journalist like my Dad.
1. Important people like politicians, presidents, businessman and rock stars need bodyguards.
2. It’s dangerous because bodyguards are always ready to risk their own lives to safe the client.
3. They guard their clients and their families to protect them from cruel people.
1. It’s dangerous because a scared animal can bite or kick vets.
2. A person who loves animals can become a good vet.
3. Vets should know how to treat animals well.
1. It’s important because our modern world can’t work without computers.
2. A person who loves computers can become a good programmer.
3. A computer programmer writes smart programmes to help people in their everyday life.
1. This job is important because teacher is the first who shows everyone how to read and write, count and choose our future profession.
2. A kind and sociable, friendly and responsible, loving and intelligent person can become a good teacher.
3. Teachers are responsible for their students and their futures.
Section 5. What are you going to be?_2
I’d like to work at school, to teach children how to read and write, count and solve problems. I would explain them what is good and what is bad. I would be patient and kind, loving and intelligent. I would become an ideal teacher.

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Section 4. Do we have the same hobbies?

1. Her hobby is reading. – Её хобби – чтение.
2. Their hobby is listening to music – Их хобби – слушать музыку.
3. His hobby is cooking. – Его хобби – кулинария.
4. Their hobby is dancing. – Их хобби – танцы.
5. His hobby is playing football. – Его хобби – играть в футбол.
Cooking is useful for family.
Writing is not easy but interesting.
Sport is good for your health.
Playing computer games is for lazy kids.
Collecting stamps/ postcard is dull.
Listening to music is pleasant.
Watching TV is no use to anyone.
Going to the theater is for intelligent people.
Dancing is for active people.
Reading books is the best hobby.
Playing musical instruments is for clever people.
Taking photos is fun.
1. Who was Balzac? – He was a famous French writer.
2. What hobby did he have? – He could tell people’s character by their handwriting.
3. Who brought him an exercise book? – His friend brought Balzac an exercise book.
4. What did Balzac tell about boy’s character? – It was a bed and lazy fellow.
5. Who was that boy? – It was Balzac himself.
1. Linda’s father is walking down the corridor. – Отец Линды спускался по коридору.
2. Linda is talking to her cat in a kind voice. – Линда разговаривает с кошкой нежным голосом.
3. Отец видит дочку в ванной с кошкой.
4. Linda is cleaning her cat’s teeth with her father’s toothbrush. – Линда чистит зубы своей кошке зубной щеткой отца.
5. Мама отпускает кошку.
6. Линда удивлена.
– What kind of books do you usually read?
— I usually read detective stories and books on history.
— What book are you reading at the moment?
— I’m reading a story by Agatha Christie. A very good one.
— Do you speak Spanish?
— Yes, I do a little.
— Are they speaking Spanish of Italian at the moment?
— Wait a minute! I think they are speaking Spanish.
I’ve got a friend. Her name is Dasha. She is 14 years old. She is taller than me with long fair hair and dark blue eyes. She is a very calm person, but sometimes she is a bit shy. She likes to spend her free time outdoors. She is a good dancer too. Dasha has a pet at home. Its mane is Lui. It’s a hamster. He has a tiny red house in his cage and likes to carry there everything he got. He collections carrots and cucumbers, seeds and nuts there. Dasha loves her Lui.
Yesterday we had an opportunity to talk to linda about her hobbies. She is an active person and likes to travel a lot. So Lidia collects things that she brings back home from her trips, but these things are very unusual. Lidia collects bells. Her home is full of them. Here and there bells are hanging from the ceiling; bells are standing on the shelves. They produce amazing sound and are made of different materials and in different countries. She has a least 100 bells at home.

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Section 3. You have got a pet, haven’t you?

When we by something via the Internet and arrange a meeting to get the thing we bought.
When we lost somebody in a crowded place, we go to the police station to tell them who we are looking for.
When telling a story and have to describe the appearance of the people we saw.
1. Sebastian was a boy who had a big dog Kellie. – Себастьян был мальчиком с большой собакой Келли.
2. Kellie could bring magazines and newspapers from the letterbox every morning. – Келли умела каждое утро приносить журналы и газеты из почтового ящика.
3. They went to school every morning. – Они каждое утро ходили в школу.
4. One day the saw a robbery of Mrs. Clifford. – Однажды они увидели ограбление м-с Клиффорд.
5. They rushed to help Mrs. Clifford. – Они побежали на помощь м-с Клиффорд.
6. Sebastian told Kellie to go after the robber. – Себастьян приказал Келли следовать за вором.
7. The robber looked around and saw just a little boy walking with a big dog. – Вор оглянулся и увидел маленького мальчика, идущего с большой собакой.
8. Sebastian just wanted to see where the robber goes. – Себастьян хотел только увидеть, куда идет вор.
9. Kellie went for help. – Келли отправилась за помощью
10. I guess, he wrote “I found the robber: 10 Sainsbury Street” – Я думаю, он написал «Я нашел вора: 10 Сейнсбери стрит».
Sebastian had a close friend called Kellie. Kellie was a kind and intelligent dog. Sebastian was sure that Kellie was the smartest dog in the world. Kellie could bring in magazines and newspapers from the letterbox to Sebastian’s mum. One day the friends saw a robbery. A robber pushed a woman, took her bag and ran off. Nobody saw the robber except for Sebastian and Kellie. They went after the robber. Then Sebastian wrote a note with the address and gave it to Kellie ran to Sebastian’s mum.
Were: be – was/were – been – быть
Thought: think – thought – thought – думать
Wrote: write – wrote – written – писать
Got: get – got – got – получать
Play – играть
Could: can – could – could – мочь
Bring: bring – brought – brought – приносить
Went: go – went – gone – ходить
Carry – нести
Waited – ждать
Came: come – came – come – приходить
Visited – посетили
Worked – работала
Saw: see – saw – seen – видеть
Pushed – толкнул
Took: take – took – taken – забрать
Left: leave – left – left – оставить
Closed – закрывать
Rushed – помчаться
Followed – последовали
Stopped – остановился
Looked – посмотрел
Walk – ходить
Told: tell – told – told – сказал
Want – хотеть
Catch: catch – caught – caught – ловить
Opened – открыл
Said: say – said – said – сказал
Gave: give – gave – given – дал
Stay – остаться
Watch – смотреть
I have a pet. Its name is Woody. He is a parrot. He is funny and smart. He can speak Russian. He knows a few words like “Hallo! I’m Woody. How are you? It’s late dear! Have you finished your homework?” My Mum often tells these things to me, so he always listens to her and repeats. He likes to eat ice cream and drink juice. He is an unusual parrot. I like to talk to him in English.
1. First Kellie looked for Sebastian’s mum at home. – Сначала Келли искала маму Себастьяна дома.
2. Kellie found many people in the café, among them were the police, Sebastian’s mum and Mrs. Clifford. – Келли нашла в кафе много людей, среди них были полиция, мама Себастьяна и м-с Клиффорд.
3. No, she didn’t give the note to the police officer. She gave it to Sebastian’s mum. – Нет, она не отдала записку офицеру полиции. Она отдала её маме Себастьяна.
4. Sebastian heard: “Hey, kid! I saw you earlier. Come here!” – Себастьян услышал: «Эй, малыш, я тебя уже видел! Подойди сюда!»
5. Sebastian’s mum and Kellie came to Sainsbury Street together with the police. – Мама Себастьяна и Келли приехали на Сейнсбери стрит вместе с полицией.
6. His mum told the boy: “Next time you decide to go catch a robber, please, tell me first!” – Мама сказала мальчику: «В следующий раз, когда решишь ловить преступников, предупреди меня сначала!»
Looked – посмотрел
Was: be – was/were – been – быть
Thought: think – thought – thought – думать
Went: go – went – gone – идти
Saw: see – saw – seen – видеть
Sitting: sit – sat – sat – сидеть
Talking – разговаривают
Came: come – came – come – приходить
Gave: — give – gave – given – давать
Read: read – read – read – читать
Said: say – said – said – говорить
Standing: stand – stood – stood – стоять
Waiting – ждать
Knew: know – knew – known – знать
Opened – открыл
Get: get – got – got –получить
Wished – хотел
Hiding: hide – hid – hidden – прятать
Take: take – took – taken – брать
Stop – останавливаться
Arrived – появляться
Heard: hear – heard – heard слышать
Barking – лаять
Running: run – ran – run – бежать
Made: make – made – made – делать
Decide – решать
Catch: catch – caught – caught – ловить
Tell: tell – told – told – говорить
3. They follow the robber. – Они преследуют вора.
4. Sebastian writes a note and gives it to the dog. – Себастьян пишет записку и передаёт её собаке.
5. Kellie gives the note to the mum. – Келли передает записку маме.
6. The robber speaks to the boy. – Вор говорит с мальчиком.
7. The police catch the robber. – Полиция ловит преступника.
8. Mum and Kellie meet the boy. – Мама и Келли встречают мальчика.
There lived a boy; whose name was Sebastian and his best friend Kellie. She was a smart dog. She could bring magazines and newspapers to Sebastian’s mum every morning. They went to school together. Once they saw a robbery. The robber pushed a lady and took her bag. He ran away and nobody saw him except Sebastian. The boy followed the robber and found where he lived. He wrote a note and gave it to the dog. Kellie came to the café where she gave the mote to the mum. The police went to the street to catch the robber. While they were going there the boy saw a robber and the robber tried to talk to the boy. The police cane on time and arrested the robber. Sebastian’s mum and the dog met the boy.
C: May I ask you a few questions about your champion-pet?
O: Sure.
C: What does it like most of all?
O: She liked playing with me, bringing me things and listening to the radio.
C: Oh, really? How does she listen to the radio?
O: Every morning while I’m having breakfast she comes to the kitchen and listens to the radio that always broadcast morning news.
C: Very unusual dog! Describe us here main characteristics, please.
O: Well, she is kind and loving, but noisy sometimes. She is the smartest dog I have ever known.
C: Thank you. It was pleasant to talk to you.

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Section 2. Getting on well the family

1. About
2. On
3. Of
4. In
5. Of
6. For
[e] – дружелюбный, спортивного телосложения, образованный, независимый
[æ] – папа, бабушка, занятие, спортивный, тактичный
[ʌ] – бабочка, любящий, понимающий
[ə] – удивительный, мнение, вежливый, послушный
[ɒ] – сильный, оптимистичный, ответственный
[ɔ:] – высокий, официальный, разговорчивый, непослушный
His mother is not short, but is shorter than her husband. She is elegant and friendly. She has happy blue eyes and fair hair.
Stephan is serious and tall. He has short dark hair and brown eyes. He looks like his father. He will also become a handsome young man.
Stephan’s uncle is an athletic young fellow with short black hair and little dark eyes. He has a happy smile and he is tall and slim. His wife, Amy, is beautiful and elegant. She is not tall but is slim and has long dark hair.
Her eyes are big and brown.
Stephan’s sister is short and funny. She looks like her Mum, has rosy cheeks and plump little hands. Her hair is not long and is made like two ponytails. It’s ginger. Her eyes are also brown.
Stephan’s granddad is very tall and strong. He has wise eyes and short grey hair. His wife is beautiful. She has short fair hair and blue smiling eyes.
1. His Mum likes green and light blue colours. – Его мама любит зеленый и голубой цвета.
2. His sister looks like his mother. She is 5 years old and wears pink and purple colours. – Его сестра похожа на мама. Ей 5 лет, она носит розовое и фиолетовое.
3. His uncle hates formal clothes and usually wears jeans and trainers with pullovers. – Его дядя не любит официальную одежду. Он обычно носит джинсы и кеды со свитером.
4. His granddad likes gardening and playing Ping-Pong. – Его дедушка любит садоводство и игру в настольный теннис.
5. His granny is a librarian. – Его бабушка библиотекарь.
6. Stephan’s family is close and they get on well with each other. – Семья у Стефана дружная, они хорошо ладят друг с другом
My Mum is very beautiful and elegant. She has short dark hair and blue loving eyes. She loves cooking and reading women’s magazines. My Dad is handsome and strong. He is tall and athletic. He has short black hair and dark blue eyes. He also has a good sense of humour. He is fond of aviation and likes to play chess.
My little sister looks like mother. She has plump hands and middle dark hair. Her eyes are also blue. She is a good painter; she is drawing every time she is free.
My best friend, Nicky, is a tall guy with fair hair and dark green eyes. He is athletic and likes sports. We often play tennis together. All of us get on well with each other.
Kind – cruel – добрый – жестокий
Polite – impolite – вежливый – невежливый
Unfriendly – friendly – недружелюбный – дружелюбный
Obedient – naughty – послушный – непослушный
Clever – silly – умный – глупый
Non-athletic – athletic – неспортивный – спортивный
Stupid – wise – тупой – мудрый
Tactful – rude – тактичный – грубый
Unfriendly – friendly – дружелюбный – недружелюбный
Unwell – well – нехорошо – хорошо
Untidy – tidy – грязный – чистый
Informal – formal – неформальный – формальный
Unlucky – lucky – невезучий – везучий
Unpleasant – pleasant – неприятный – приятный
Impolite – polite – невежливый – вежливый
Unknown – well-known – неизвестный – известный
Independent – dependent – независимый – зависимый
Unlike – like – непохожий – похожий
To unzip – to zip – застегнуть – расстегнуть молнию
To undo – to do – разбирать – делать
1: May I ask you a few questions about your family?
2: You are welcome.
1: How can you call your family?
2: Our family is a classical Russian family. There are 4 of us: Mum, Dad, my little sister and I.
1: What does your Mum do?
2: She is an architect. She is fond of art and music. She plays piano very well, and speaks two foreign languages.
1: You get on well with your Mum, don’t you?
2: Yes, we are very close and spend a lot time together. She is loving and understanding. She is the best Mummy in the world.
1: What about your sister? Do you argue with each other?
2: She is 5 years younger than me, so we don’t argue very often. She is usually obedient, but sometimes very noisy.
1: Would you like to have one more sister or brother?
2: Yes, I’d like to have an elder brother to feel safe and independent. He would be very brave and strong.
1: Thank you for your answers.
2: My pleasure.
I like fair and easy going people. They make you feel yourself and you don’t have to think what to say next.
I don’t like rude and unsociable people. It’s difficult to talk to them.
I like people with good humour, because in any situation the fined a better side.
I don’t like irresponsible people. It’s impossible to have a deal with them, they are always late and don’t do what they say.
I’d like to be friends with a person. These characteristics are important for everybody. They make you interesting to other people. It’s pleasant to talk to such people.
I’d like to be friends with a kind and understanding man. It’s so cool when you can understand each other’s positions and can discuss everything you want.
2. Do children’s homework for them – делайте за детей домашнюю работу
3. Don’t punish them – не наказывайте их
4. Don’t wake them up early – не поднимайте рано
5. Let them go to the cinema every day – разрешайте ходить в кино каждый день
Правила для детей:
2. Phone your mums every half an hour for her to be sure you are very busy doing your homework and you don’t waste your time on phone calls. – Звоните маму каждые полчаса, чтобы она была уверена, что ребенок очень занят домашней работой и не тратит время на ненужные разговоры по телефону.
3. Get a bad mark and don’t tell anybody not to seem talkative, it’s a bed characteristic. – Получите плохую оценку и никому не рассказывайте об этом, чтобы не казаться болтливым, ведь это плохое качество.
4. Writ you composition on the wall for parents to know that it’s ready – Напишите свое домашнее сочинение на стене, чтобы родители сразу узнали, что оно уже сделано.
5. Talk to your parrot in English for parents to know how clever their child is. – Разговаривайте с попугаем на английском языке, чтобы родители знали, какой ребенок у них умный.
Our family is great but I’d like to spend more time with parents. I’d like them to work fight near our house, not to waste their time on the road to and from the workplace. I also would like to have a dog and to walk with it every morning and evening. It would come out from its little house to meet me when I come home from school.

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Section 1. May I ask you a question?

Student – студент
Interview – интервью
Correspondent – корреспондент
Information – информация
Hobby – хобби
Musical – музыкальный
Instrument – инструмент
Group – группа
Theater – театр
Guitar – гитара
Typical – типичный
Manager – менеджер
Humour – юмор
Serious – серьезный
Local – местный (локальный)
Hallo, that’s a students’ interview in school №1. We are going to ask a local group of students a few questions. This student is serious, but he has many hobbies. That one is creative. He has two musical instruments at home. He can play the guitar. He goes to the theater very often.
Jess Hessett is a student of East Square London School. Her school invited some Russian students to visit London during their spring holidays.
Jess is responsible for the arrangement of an English-Russian student exchange. Jess gave interview to a correspondent of a youth newspaper “School friends”. She told him about her hobbies, the musical instrument she can play, the foreign languages she can speak and about her friends.
Together with Jess and other English classmates we are having a good time in London. We’ve already visited many places of interest in London. I like the London Eye most of all. There we had an unforgettable bird’s eye view of London. I took lots of photos and have already sent them to my relatives. While going on excursions round the city we learnt interesting facts from English history, bought some souvenirs and admired the capital of Great Britain. It was great!
1. …can’t she? – Yes, she can. – Она умеет играть на гитаре, не так ли? – Да, она умеет.
2. …, doesn’t she? – Yes, she does. – Она говорит по-французски, не так ли? – Да, она говорит.
3. …, does she? – Yes, she does. – Она не принимает участие в школьном обмене Британия — Россия, не так ли? – Да, она принимает участие.
4. …, aren’t they? – No, they aren’t. – Её увлечения – музыка и театр, не так ли? – Нет, это не так.
5. …, hasn’t she? – Yes, she has. – У неё есть подруга по переписке, не так ли? – Да, у неё есть.
6. …, didn’t she? – Yes, she did. – Вчера она дала интервью корреспонденту, не так ли? – Да, это так.
False – Katy wrote her letter in English. – Катя написала письмо на английском.
False – She is staying in London for two weeks. – Она остается в Лондоне на 2 недели.
True – Ее приемная семья очень гостеприимная
False – She has made many new friends at school. – Она подружилась с многими ребятами в школе.
True – Завтра утром она едет в Кембридж.
1. Is playing
2. Am watching
3. Speak
4. Is sleeping
5. Reads
6. Are having
Dear friend,
I can believe, I’m writing you from the capital of Great Britain. We’ve already spent here about r days, but it seems to be a whole life. So many expressions I have. So many amazing photos I want to show you.
Well, let me start with description of my host family and my partner. Her name is Jess. This girl is unbelievable. She is so kind and active. She is responsible for the entire exchange program, so she is rather serious but funny. She has a good sense of humour just like her father. Mr. Hassett is a polite gentleman and a strict father but he makes as laugh all the time. He is great! Jess’ mother is a beautiful hospitable housewife. She is also a good cook! I love this cool family.
At school there are also many interesting kids. We’ve made friends with most of them. We have already visited Trafalgar Square, the London Eye, the Tower of London and the Science Museum. In the museum we spent the Night of Science and learnt a lot about the world around us. This excursion I like most of all. London is an unforgettable city. I’d like to come here once again and again.
Tell me, please, what’s new at our school? How are you spending your spring holidays?
Best wishes,
Yours, Nina
Great Britain
6th of April.
Dear Mum,
I’m so happy that I don’t know what to start with. This trip to London is really the best present for my birthday I’ve ever had from you.
First, I’d like to tell you what place I like here most of all. The capital is really giant but our guide made it easy to find its best places if interest. We spent a day in Greenwich. This day is unforgettable. We visited the House of “Prime Meridian”. Just imagine this tiny place separates our world into parts: east and west. There I bought funny souvenirs and took lots of photos.
Our English friends spend all the time with us, so we have no problems here. They are very friendly and hospitable. I love my host family and haven’t felt homesick yet.
Love you all, best wishes to daddy and Katy.
Yours, Linda

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