Section 1. Talking about the first day at school

Jim is from Britain. Today is the 1st of September.
On Tuesday history lesson starts at 9 o’clock and finishes at 9:45.
On Tuesday maths starts at 9:50 and finishes at 10:35/
On Tuesday Russian starts at 10:40 and finishes at 11:25.
Every day we’ve got a long break from 11:25 to 11:55.
On Tuesday PE lesson starts at 11:55 and finished at 12:40/
On Tuesday second lesson on maths starts at 12:45 and finishes at 13:30.
Yesterday we had one Russian, two lesson on Maths, PE lesson and Literature. Today we have two lesson on Russian, one English lesson, Arts and Nature studies. Tomorrow will bring us information technology, English, Music and two lesson on Maths.
We read a lot and listen to stories on our Literature lessons. — Мы много читаем и слушаем истории на уроках литературы.
We solve problems and discuss them on Nature studies. — Мы обсуждаем и решаем проблемы на уроках природоведения.
We translate from Russian into English in our English lessons. — Мы переводим с русского на английский на уроках английского языка.
We write and count on Maths lessons. — Мы пишем и считаем на математике.
We write and learn by heart in our Russian lessons. — Мы пишем и учим наизусть на уроках русского языка.
I brush my teeth every day. — Я чищу зубы каждый день.
I traveled to France on this summer holidays. — Я путешествовал во Францию на этих летних каникулах.
I will read a lot this year. — Я буду много читать в этом году.
1. I like literature lessons, because I like reading. Мне нравятся уроки литературы, потому что я люблю читать.
2. Out IT teacher doesn’t usually give us much home work. Наш учитель по информатике обычно не задает нам много домашнего задания.
3. Last year we had history lessons. In our history lessons we read and listened to interesting stories about famous people. В прошлом году у нас были уроки истории. На уроках истории мы читаем и слушаем интересные истории о знаменитых людях.
4. Yes. we’ll have four lesson on Saturdays. Да, у нас будет четыре урока по субботам.
1. Do you like PE lessons? Тебе нравится физкультура?
2. Does he know that tomorrow we will have two English lesson? Он знает, что у нас завтра два урока английского?
3. Did you know the name of our new teacher on Arts? Ты знал, как зовут нашего нового учителя по рисованию?
4. Will you try hard to be an excellent student? Ты будешь очень стараться, чтобы стать отличником?
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Lesson 068 р.т.

Dear Martin,

My name is… My surname is… I am nine. I am from Russia. I live in Moscow. I live with my mum, dad and my brother. I can play tennis. I like to play computer games and puzzles. My birthday is on the …of… I like winter because I like to play snowballs, I like to ski and skate. I have got a pet. It is a parrot, his name is Kesha. He is nice, he is green. He likes to speak.
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Lesson 66-67 р.т.

1. milk, jam.

2. Peter has got ten apples, nine sweets, four carrots, seven oranges, five potatoes, three tomatoes and six cakes.

3. Does Fred have milk and bread for breakfast? Does Alice have blue eyes? Does Thomas have a cat? Does Steve have many friends? Does Mary have a nice ball?
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Lesson 065 р.т.

1. It is Steve.

2. 1) b, 2) b, 3) c, 4) John likes football and tennis. Harry likes carrots, cabbage and bread. Betty and Kate like fairy tales.

3. 1 — c, 2 — b, 3 — a, 4 — b, 5 — a, 6 — a.
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Lesson 064 р.т.

1. bread; egg; potato; piano.

2. I can see six women (thirteen birds, three cats, four dogs, two frogs, four girls, five boys, one clown, twelve flowers, seven mice).

3. o’clock, six, washes, forest, writes, evening.
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Lesson 063 р.т.

1. 11 — eleven, 12 — twelve, 13 — thirteen, 14 — fourteen, 15 — fifteen, 16 — sixteen, 17 — seventeen, 18 — eighteen, 19 — nineteen, 20 — twenty.

2. Do — do not — don’t, does — does not — doesn’t, have — have not — haven’t, has — has not — hasn’t, is — is not — isn’t, are — are not — aren’t.
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Lesson 062 р.т.

1. My birthday is on the third of October. Does Tom live in Moscow? May I have some coffee, Miss Chatter? Jack is from Great Britain.

2. Friends, boys, girls, months, teeth, eyes, hands, feet, toys, mice, fish, foxes, horses, children.
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Lesson 061 р.т.

1. Blow, want, clean, watch, get, ride, have, come, wash, go, water, make.

2. tooth — teeth, man — men, mouse — mice, woman — women, child — children, fish — fish, room — rooms, box — boxes, fox — foxes, horse — horses, hen — hens, letter — letters.
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Lesson 060 р.т.

1. time; Can; breakfast; February.

2. water, play, clean, get, ride, play.

3. After breakfast Tiny doesn’t do his homework. He goes to school. Tiny doesn’t have lunch at half past two. He has lunch at one o’clock. After lunch Tiny doesn’t play the piano. He waters flowers and cleans the house. His friends don’t visit him in the afternoon. They visit Tiny in the evening.
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Lesson 059 р.т.

2. No, you don’t have lunch at two am. You have lunch at two pm. No, you don’t have long hair. You have short hair. No, you don’t have pink eyes. You have blue eyes. No, you don’t have small ears. You have big ears.

3. Do they have funny toys? Does she have a big dog? Does he have a nice bird? Do the boys have scooters? Do you have roller skates?
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