Lesson 058 р.т.

1. hand; head; mouth; wash.

2. Do you wash your hands and face? When do you have breakfast? When do you do your homework? Do you walk in the park? When do you go to bed?

3. I get up, clean my teeth, wash my hands and face, have breakfast and go for a walk. In the evening I watch TV, play computer games and play with my friends.
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Lesson 057 р.т.

2. When do you get up? — I get up at seven o’clock. Where do you go in the morning? — I go to school in the morning. When do you go to bed? — I go to bed at nine o’clock. Do you clean your teeth in the morning? — Yes, I do. Do you like Green School? — Yes, I do.
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Lesson 056 р.т.

1. It’s nine o’clock. It’s half past ten. It’s three o’clock. It’s half past four. It’s seven o’clock. It’s half past eight. There are six clocks in the house.

2. cleans, washes, has, does, watches.


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Lesson 055 р.т.

1. Hair, knee, foot, toe, shoulder, teeth, face, arm, nose, head, eye, ear.

2. Your, her, his, its.

3. my, his your, his, her, its.

4. fairytale, like, ears, small, kind, chocolate, music, games.
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Lesson 054 р.т.

1. Head, face, nose, mouth, tooth, hair. Ear, eye, shoulder, arm, hand, knee, neck, toe, foot.

3. Tiny’s ears are big. Jim’s arms and legs are strong. Jill’s eyes are kind. Martin’s teeth are white. Billy’s hands and feet are small.
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Lesson 053 р.т.

1. hair, head, hand, knee, toe, foot, eye, ear, nose mouth, shoulder.

2. Face, nose, ears, eyes, mouth, teeth, head, hand, arm, leg, hair, feet, toes, knee.

3. three big eyes, a big mouth, funny hair, two arms, four legs and a long nose.
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Lesson 051 р.т.

1. Martin would like to have jeans.

3. To speak English, to write poems, to listen to music, to read fairy tales, to watch TV, to ride a scooter, to get letters and postcards, a favourite season, beautiful flowers.
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Lesson 050 р.т.

1. Tiny gets a big cake for his birthday.

2. 1 — c, 2 — b, 3 — c.

3. are, likes, live, write, first.

4. 1 — a, 2 — b.

5. When is your birthday? Who lives in the forest? Why does he like spring? Can you play tennis?
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Lesson 049 р.т.

1. How old are you? When does he go to school? What does she like to eat for breakfast? Why is he sad? Who likes ice cream? Where does he live? Which sweet would you like?

2. I can answer questions. I can read questions. I can write questions. I can count questions.
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Lesson 048 р.т.

1. To draw pictures — рисовать картинки, to ride a scooter — ездить на самокате, to play computer games — играть в компьютерные игры, to watch TV — смотреть телевизор, to get letters — получать письма.

2. When do they visit their grandma? What does Miss Chatter post on Sundays? Where is the postcard from? What does Billy like?
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