Lesson 047 р.т.

1. [witʃ] — with, [wai] — why, [weə] — where, [wɒt] — what, [hu:] — who, [hau] — how.

2. What, where, how many, what.

3. Dear Andrew,

    My name is Kate. My surname is Lidina. I am nine. I am from Russia. My birthday is on the fifth of November. I like to draw and sing English songs. I have got a pet. It is a dog. His name is Rex. My favourite holiday is the New Year’s Day.
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Lesson 046 р.т.

1. today; boy; bad; third; December.

2. 1 — b, 2 — c, 3 — a.

3. mother’s letter, Tiny’s envelopers, postman’s bag, Jim’s posters, girls’ postcards, sisters’ cat.


Поделиться с друзьями:

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Lesson 045 р.т.

1. Tiny

    10, Fairytale Street, Green Forest, Great Britain.

2. Miss Chatter’s flowers, the postman’s cap, Ben’s computer game, Jill’s player, Jim’s sweets.

3. Peter’s letters are long. Jim’s postcards are nice. My friends’ posters are nice. The postman’s bag is big. The girl’s stamps are English.
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Lesson 044 р.т.

1. Poster, stamp, paper, postman.

2. Postman — [əu], address — [ə], friend — [e], postcard — [α:], town — [au], street — [i:].

3. Tiny writes letters to his friends. We like to get letters. Where are the envelopers? Where are you from? I do not like this postcard.
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Lesson 043 р.т.

1. Postman, pen, stamp, letterbox, street, address, post paper, letter.

2. Letter — [e], post — [əu], paper — [ei], get — [e], write — [ai], street — [i:], read — [i:], send — [e], stamp — [æ], poster — [əu].
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Lesson 042 р.т.

1. envelope, pen, postcard, stamp, paper, street. LETTER. Ключ, поток.

2. a lot of, blue and pink, black and blue, new Christmas.

3. Four postcards, eight letters, five stamps, nine envelopes, two posters.
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Lesson 041 р.т.

1. Happy birthday to you.

2. Puzzle, ball teddy bear, computer, game, roller skates, present, doll, bicycle.

3. I’d like to have a birthday today. — What would you like to have for your birthday? — I’d like to have a scooter and a lot of sweets. — Oh, I can give you a sweet. Here you are. — It’s great. Thank you.
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Lesson 040 р.т.

1. Bear, rabbit, computer, scooter, elephant, doll, ball, bicycle.

2. Would you like to come to us? When is your birthday? I would like to get a computer for my birthday.

3. The twelfth of September is my dad’s birthday. The twentieth of October is my dad’s birthday. The thirteenth of January is my sister’s birthday.
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Lesson 039 р.т.

1. Monday is the second day of the week. Tuesday is the third day of the week. Wednesday is the fourth day of the week. Thursday is the fifth day of the week. Friday is the sixth day of the week. Saturday is the seventh day of the week.
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Lesson 038 р.т.

1. second; think; June.

2. I would like to meet Pam. I would like to get new skates. I would like to have holidays. I would like not to have porridge for breakfast. I would like to speak to Billy.

3. fifth, seventh, eighth, tenth, twelfth.
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