Lesson 037 р.т.

1. I do not like November and March. I can skate in winter. I swim in the river in summer. I like May and September. I like spring and autumn. — Tiny likes spring and autumn. He likes May and September.

2. January, February, December are winter months. I like May and October. What month do you like? — August. They skate on Sundays and Saturdays.
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Lesson 036 р.т.

1. In summer. We can swim. We can ride a bike. In winter: we can skate, ski, play snowballs, play hockey. At any season: we can play tennis, play football.

2. Do you like autumn? Do you play tennis in summer? Can you ski and skate? Has he got a nice bike? Does she like spring?
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Lesson 035 р.т.

1. Spring is green. Summer is bright. Autumn is yellow. Winter is white.

2. Would you like an apple? — Yes, I’d like a green apple. — Here you are. — Thank you. — You are welcome.

4. Bess walks in the forest in spring, too. Tiny visits friends in winter, too. Pam plays tennis in summer, too. My friend rides a bike in autumn, too.
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Lesson 034 р.т.

1. five, Thursday, day, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday, Friday, Saturday, poem, room. I like Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

2. draw funny pictures, play computer games, watch TV, listen to music.

3. big, Country, draw, friend.
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Lesson 033 р.т.

1. Big — small, fat — slim, good — bad, nice — ugly, kind — angry, short — long, smart — stupid, sad — merry.

2. is, can, are, am, am, has.

3. I live in the English forest. I think I am nice. But I am not angry. I can speak and read English. But I can’t speak Russian. I like to write fairy tales. I like coffee, cakes and sweets.
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Lesson 031 р.т.

1. You can’t eat your cake and have it. b) — 3.

2. Help yourself.

    b) cabbage soup, meat and potatoes, cheese sandwich, ham sandwich, ice cream, orange juice.

3. Can you swim? Do you play tennis? Do you run in the park? Do you drink coffee for breakfast?
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Lesson 030 р.т.

1. Nick.

2. 1 — b, 2 — c, 3 — c.

3. Three pens, eleven cakes, seventeen oranges, twenty lemons.

4. much, many, many, likes, go.

5. school, write, football, likes, honey, carrots.
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Lesson 029 р.т.

1. Cake, orange, skates, Christmas, Santa Claus, present, thee, merry, sing, happy.

2. in, with, in, with, for, on.

3. Dear Santa Claus,

    …I go to school. I can count and write. I like sweets. I’d like to have a butterfly.
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Lesson 028 р.т.

2. A Christmas tree, a bike, a ball, skates, a sock, Santa Claus.

3. My name is Olga. I am nine. I can sing, dance, swim and skate. Can I have new skates for Christmas, please? …With love, Olga.


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Lesson 027 р.т.

1. Twenty three pens, sixty two bags, forty five pencils, seventy eight bikes.

2. 1 — b, 2 — c, 3 — b, 4 — a, 5 — c.

3. Do they go to the park? Do her friends play tennis on Sundays?
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