Lesson 026 р.т.

1. Twenty, seventy, fifty, ninety, thirty, eighty, sixty.

2. I like to play football, walk in the park, play computer games, draw. I don’t like to eat porridge, count, ski, eat carrots.

3. Does Nick like to play chess? Does Peter like to dance? Does Jane like to sing? Does Mary like to walk in the forest?
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Lesson 025 р.т.

1. Twelve sweets, sixteen carrots, eighteen apples, thirteen oranges, twenty lemons.

2. a lot of, much, many, many, a lot of, many.

3. good cheese, a lot of cakes, strong tea, green cabbages, nice sweets, white eggs.
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Lesson 024 р.т.

1. meat; bread; fish; cake.

2. Jill has got five tomatoes, three carrots, two lemons, some butter, some meat, six apples, six bananas, some tea and some coffee.

3. Eighteen, thirteen, fifteen, seventeen, nineteen, fourteen, sixteen.
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Lesson 023 р.т.

1. a) cabbage, bread, cheese, meat, cake, coffee, carrot, sweet, butter. — BREAKFAST.

    b) I like to have eggs, sandwiches, cake and tea for breakfast.

2. Much cheese, coffee, meat, corn, tea, butter, bread, milk, juice, porridge. Many sweets, carrots, cakes, potatoes, tomatoes, apples, bananas, lemons, nuts, eggs, sandwiches.
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Lesson 022 р.т.

2. Play tennis, clean teeth, wash hands and face, have breakfast, drink juice.

    Cleans his teeth, play tennis, wash our hands and face, have breakfast, drink orange juice.

3. You must clean your teeth, wash your hands and face, run in the park, ski and skate. You must mot go to bed late, watch TV a lot, eat too many sweets.
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Lesson 021 р.т.

1. Bread, coffee, meat, please, three, cheese, tea, breakfast, green, sweet, teeth, teacher, head, see.

2. Who? — Кто?

    What — Что?

    Where — Где?

    Why — Почему?
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Lesson 020 р.т.

1. Tea with lemon.

2. A fox — red — meat — forest — run, jump — dance. A cat — black, white, red, brown, grey — milk, fish — farm — run, jump — sing. A rabbit — grey, red, white, black — carrots — farm — run — count, speak.
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Lesson 019 р.т.

1. ears, face, eyes, neck, mouth, tail. This is a kangaroo.

2. Would you like some fish? — Yes, please. May I have some bread? — Here you are. — Thank you. — You are welcome.

3. lives, like, drinks, drink, eat.
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Lesson 018 р.т.

Menu. Tuesday — a ham sandwich, tea. Wednesday — some porridge, a cake, some milk. Thursday — eggs, a cheese sandwich, coffee. Friday — some porridge, a cake, tea.


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Lesson 017 р.т.

1. It is five. She is seven. They are ten.

2. is, am, am, are, is, is, are, is.

3. Jill skates and skis in the park, too. Jim rides a horse, too. Billy likes sweets, too. My friend plays tennis on Sunday, too.
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