Lesson 016 р.т.

1. Jack comes to Billy.

2. 1 — c, 2 — c, 3 — c.

3. farm.

4. a)

5. 1 — a, 2 — b, 3 — c, 4 — c.

6. I like to watch TV on Sunday. I like to swim on Sunday. I like to play chess on Sunday.
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Lesson 015 р.т.

1. Coffee, milk, sweet, cheese, butter, corn, carrot.

2. Mary likes cheese. Nick likes corn and bread. Jane can’t eat lemons. Pam likes red and green apples. Jack eats meat and ham in the morning.

3. Is Thomas smart? Are we brave? Is Mr Greenwood strong? Are pupils nice? Is his pet funny?
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Lesson 014 р.т.

1. Meat, eat, coffee, speak, ice cream, tea, cheese, bread, sweet.

2. Clean — dirty, bad — good, long — short, black — white, happy — sad.

3. Jane sings on Sundays. Thomas counts on Sundays. Peter swims on Sundays. Jack plays football on Sundays.
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Lesson 013 р.т.

1. Sunday, Monday. Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday.

2. Dino plays chess on Tuesdays. Pam skis on Wednesdays. Thomas writes and reads on Thursdays. Peter and Nick play football on Friday.

3. I like ham. But I don’t like cheese. I like cabbage. But I don’t like carrots. I like bananas. But I don’t like oranges. I like cake. But I don’t like potatoes.
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Lesson 012 р.т.

1. carrot, cabbage, tomato, apple, potato.

2. [g] — girl, [ʃ] — short, [ŋ] — morning, [h] — who, [ð] — with.

3. brave boy, crocodiles, shirt, nice, short.

4. we, she, they, it.
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Lesson 011 р.т.

1. A white bird, a black pen, a dirty shirt.

2. like — [ai], live — [i], take — [ei], see — [i:], girl — [з:], dark — [α:].

3. is, has got, can, likes.

4. My friend is not big. He is nice. He is strong. He isn’t lazy. His nose is short. His eyes are dark. He can dance. He can count and play chess well. He likes cabbage and potatoes. But he doesn’t like honey. We go to school together.
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Lesson 010 р.т.

1. bird, fox, girl, her, shirt, funny, box, dirty, run, black.

2. Corn, short, horse. Sad, bag, bad, can, have. Bird, work, dirty.

    Pupil, music, you. Run, but, butter, some.

3. Her name is Bess. She is merry and nice. Bess is not lazy. Bess does not like porridge. She can sing and dance.
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Lesson 09 р.т.

1. Where, what, who, why.

2. egg, eat, jam, coffee, sweet, cake.

3. Good morning, Jim! — Good morning! I’m hungry. — Would you like some porridge? — I don’t like porridge. I would like some cheese. — Good! Take some cheese. — Thank you.
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Lesson 08 р.т.

1. Would you like to have some honey? — Yes, please. (Yes, I would).

2. Does he live in the forest? Has he got many friends? Does he go to school? Does he like cabbage? — It is Billy.

3. forest, nice, have, go, sweets, corn, like.
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Lesson 07 р.т.

1. Cabbage, carrot, nut, butter, potato, apple, egg, corn. Нашкольномогороде cabbage, carrot, nut, potato, apple, corn.

2. I would like to skate in the park. I would like to have six friends. I would like to swim in the morning. I would like to ride a horse.
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