Lesson 06 р.т.

1. corn, six, forest. I would like a horse.

2. but, butter, run. Farm, park, car. Fly, bike, kind. Ball, corn, short.

3. am, is, is, are, are.

4. I like to sing and dance. You like to visit Green School. He likes to live in the forest. We like to run in the park. They like to play football.
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Lesson 05 р.т.

1. hat, hen, car, nose, park. Pupil, clock, farmer, bag, six, pen. Thank. Plase.

2. butter — [b tə], egg — [eg], cake — [keik], car — [kα:]. they — [ðei], park — [pα:k], milk — [milk].

3. Do you like to ride a bike? — Yes, I do. — Would you like to ride a bike in the park? — Yes, please.
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Lesson 04 р.т.

1. Sweet, butter, cake, bread, juice.

2. car, park, far, farm.

3. I live on the farm.

4. We are pupils. Do you like music? I like red cars. Do they go to school?
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Lesson 03 р.т.

1. dance, sing, write, count, read.

2. Her name is Jane. She is a nice girl. She can dance well. She has got a red hat.

3. My name is Dima. I am nine. Yes, I can sing. I can’t dance. I can’t play chess. Yes, I have.
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Lesson 02 р.т.

1. A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O.

    Welcome to school.

2. swim; six, can.

4. Peter! Count to ten, please! Martin! Write the ABC, please! Jane! Take your books, please! Pam! Dance, please! Nick! Count your pens, please!
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Lesson 01 р.т.

1. a, b, d, e, F, g, h, I, J, k, L, M, N, p, q, R, s, t, u, V, w, X, Z.

2. [æ] — sad, [ei] — brave, [ai] — nine, [ɒ] — long, [əu] — nose.

3. Friends, welcome, school, read, run, jump, forest, go, school, together, pupils.
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Геометрические фигуры и величины С. 109-111


С. 109

1. 1) Длина отрезка АВ равна 8 см, а отрезка CD — 4 см.
    8 : 4=2 (раза). Ответ: в 2 раза.
    2) 8-4=4 (см). Ответ: на 4 см.
2. АВ = 2 см, ВС = 3 см, CD = 4 см.
    2+3+4=9 (см). Ответ: 9 см.
3. Периметр фигуры 1 равен 70 мм (20+25+25=70).
    Периметр фигуры 2 равен 10 см (4+4+1+1=10).
    Периметр фигуры 3 равен 110 мм (29+31+20+30=110).
    Периметр фигуры 4 равен 7 см (1+3+3=7).
    Прямоугольником является фигура 2.
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Lesson 054

1. It is Tiny.

2. He has got a short nose. He has got brown eyes. He has got bog ears. His face is merry. He has got grey hair. He has got long arms. (Martin)

3. 1) toes,

    2) nose, mouth, neck,
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Lesson 068

Dear Matrin.

My name is… My surname is… I am nine. I am from Russia. I live in Moscow. I live with my mum, dad and my brother. I can play tennis. I like to play computer games and puzzles. My birthday is on the …of… I like winter because I like to play snowballs, I like to ski and skate. I have got a pet. It is a parrot, his name is Kesha. He is nice, he is green. He likes to speak.
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Lesson 065


Part 1


1. It is Steve.

2. 1) b, 2) b, 3) c, 4) John likes football and tennis. Harry likes carrots, cabbage and bread. Betty and Kate like fairy tales.
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