Lesson 064

1. Kate.

2. Ann has got blond hair. Her eyes are grey. She can be a Cinderella.

    Rose has got brown hair. Her eyes are brown. She can be…

3. Ufo has got 5 friends: Mary, Martin, Peter, Bess and Billy.
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Lesson 063

1. Alex, Ben.

2. She is smart and kind. Her eyes are brown. She can play tennis.

    She likes to play jokes.

3. a big foot, a favourite tale, a funny book, a beautiful woman, a nice child, an angry man, a small child, a brave girl, a clean tooth, a long fairy tale, a white tooth, a little fish, a grey mouse.
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Lesson 062

1. — play the piano, + dance and sing, + speak English.

2. I can ride a scooter. I can ride a bike. I can’t roller skate. I can play computer games. I can play puzzles. I can’t play the piano. I can dance and sing. I can speak English.
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Lesson 061

1. 5 pigs and 6 hens.

2. two hens (cockerels, pigs, fish, mice, rabbits, boys, monkeys, girls, men, children, women).

3. a tooth, men, a mouse, a woman, children, a fish, rooms, a box, foxes, a horse, hens, a letter.
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Lesson 060

2. 1 — c, 2 — d, 3 — a, 4 — b.

3. Jill cleans her teeth and has breakfast in the morning. She has lunch, does her home work and waters flowers in the afternoon. She plays with her teddy bear, a puzzle, watches TV and goes to bed in the evening.
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Lesson 059

1. Her doll’s name is Alice.

2. His name is Ufo. He is one hundred years old. His eyes are grey. His nose is long. His ears are big. He has got three eyes. His feet are big. He has got two hands and four lens.
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Lesson 058

2. You must clean your teeth, wash your hands and face. You must not watch TV all day long. You must run and jump, ride your bike and swim.


3. Do you wash your hands and face? — Yes, I do.

    When do you have breakfast? — I have breakfast at 7.30 am.
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Lesson 057

2. At 7.00 am Billy must get up. At 7.40 am he must have breakfast. At 8.10 am he must go to school. At 12.30 pm he must have lunch. At 3.00 pm he must do his homework. At 6.20 pm Billy must read a book. At 9.00 pm he must go to bed.
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Lesson 056

2. It’s half past seven. It’s time to wash your hands and face.

    It’s eight o’clock. It’s time to have breakfast.

    It’s half past eight. It’s time to go to school.

    It’s half past twelve. It’s time to have lunch.
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Lesson 055

2. face — round, lovely; eyes — brown, ears — small, brown, nose — black, hair — dark.

3. Is his nose black? Are his eyes brown? Are his ears pink? Is his hair red?

4. His face is round. His eyes are green. His nose is short. His hair is blond. His ears are small.
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