Lesson 053

4. (a) Big nose (ears, eyes, feet, (a) head, (a) mouth, (a) hand), long ears ((a) leg, (a) arm, fingers), short ears, a short leg, a short arm, short fingers, nice eyes, nice hair, a nice hand, a nice face, white teeth, black eyes, a kind face, kind eyes, clean feet, a clean hand, a red nose, a red mouth, beautiful eyes, beautiful hair, a beautiful face, angry eyes, an angry face.
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Lesson 050


Part 1


1. Tiny gets a big cake for his birthday.

2. 1 Tom’s birthday is on the eighteenth of July.

    2 He can play tennis, draw, ride a bike and play computer games.
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Lesson 049

1. Andrew has got a player.

2. The first postcard is for a birthday. My birthday is on the… of… The second postcard is for the New Year’s Day. It is on the 1ˢͭ of January.

    The fourth postcard is for Christmas Day. It is on the 7ͭʰ of January.
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Lesson 048

1. 1 — a, 2 — e, 3 — d, 4 — b, 5 — c.

3. Where do you walk? When does Billy visit his friend? Why does Tiny like summer? What do the draw? How many letters does Mary draw?

4. Tiny.
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Lesson 047

1. Do you like to ask questions? Yes, I do.

2. What; what; where; where; how; when; what; what; how many; how many.

3. My name is… My surname is… I’m from Russia. I live in Moscow. I’m nine. My birthday is on the… of… My favourite holiday is New Year. I like to draw and sing. I have got 5 friends. I have got two pets.
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Lesson 046

1. 9 — She has got nine pets.

    The 16 ͭʰ — Her birthday is on the 16 ͭʰ of April.

2. My name is… My surname is… I’m from Russia. I live in Moscow. I’m nine. I’m a student. I’m in the third form. Yes, I’ve got a pet. My birthday is on the… of… I like to…
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Lesson 045

1. Great Britain, Cambridge. Russia, Moscow.

3. Бабушкины цветы, велосипед его папы, пирог моей мамы, Анин плеер, марка Тайни, самокат Джима, ручки мальчиков, молоко котов, портфели учеников.

4. My mum’s hat… My dad’s computer game… My grandpa’s bike… Rex’s teddy bear is funny.
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Lesson 044

4. To: Evan Brown, 5, Green Street, London 19 PA, Great Britain.

    To: Oleg Ivanov, 45, Petrovskaya Street, Moscow 123765, Russia.

    To: Betty Smith, 13, Wall Street, New York 357 ND, the USA.
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Lesson 043

2. 2. Miss Chatter gets a letter.

    5. Miss Chatter reads the letter.

    1. Miss Chatter writes a letter.

    4. She writes an address on the envelope.

    6. She posts the letter.
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Lesson 042

2. 1) I can see a postman in the picture.

    2) The letterbox is red.

    3) I can see six stamps in the picture.

    4) I can see a Christmas tree in the poster.
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