Lesson 041

3. Jim’s birthday is on the tenth of February. Jim has got a lot of presents (a puzzle, a teddy bear, a ball, a scooter, roller skates and a player) for his birthday. They have got a birthday cake for Jim’s birthday. Pam likes to play with a teddy bear; Jim and Martin like to play computer games.
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Lesson 040

1. Pupil’s present is a computer game.

2. I’d like to have a scooter (a computer game, a player, roller skates, a ball, a bike).

4. Rex has got a lot of presents: a red ball, a nice teddy bear and a bone.
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Lesson 039

2. B is the second letter, I is the ninth letter, R is the eighteenth letter, T is the twentieth letter, H is the eighth letter, D is the fourth letter, A is the first letter, Y is the twenty-fifth letter in the ABC.

4. My birthday is on the second of July. My mother’s birthday is on February, 15 ͭʰ. My father’s birthday is on the twenty-fifth of October. My brother’s birthday is on March, 27 ͭʰ.
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Lesson 038

2. Например: I would like to speak English well. I would like to get a letter.

3. Would you like to get a letter? Would you like to get a present (to dance, to play chess well, to play football well, to sing well)?
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Lesson 037

1. Jim likes summer. Jill likes autumn.

2. 1 — b, c, 2 — a, b.

3. I like summer. I like to swim in the river. I like to ride a bike.

4. What season do you like? What do you like to do in winter (spring, summer, autumn)?
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Lesson 036

1. Spring is green.

    Summer is bright.

    Autumn is yellow.

    Winter is white.

2. In summer: we can swim, ride a bike. In winter: we can skate, ski, play snowballs, play hockey. At any season: we can play tennis, play football.
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Lesson 035

2. I like winter. I can skate, ski and play hockey in winter.

3. Do you like winter (spring, summer, autumn)? — Yes, I do/ No, I don’t. — Why do you like winter (spring, summer, autumn)? — I can ski and skate (play football, swim in the river, ride a bike).
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Lesson 034

1. Tiny writes fairy tales on Wednesday. He plays computer games on Saturday.

2. I walk in the park on Saturday. I play chess on Saturdays. I draw pictures in Saturdays. I listen to music on Sundays.

4. The Country Mouse.
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Lesson 033

1. I think he is nice and kind. He is not angry. He can read. He lives in the forest.

2. He is nine. He doesn’t speak Russian. He likes to write fairy tales. He hasn’t got sisters or brothers. He has got a lot of friends. He lives in the forest. — Can you count? Can you swim? What do you like to do? What do you like to eat?
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Lesson 030

Part 1

1. Nick.

2. 1 — b, 2 — c, 3 — c.

3. Three pens, eleven cakes, seventeen oranges, twenty lemons.

4. 1) much, 2) many, 3) many, 4) likes, 5) go.
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