Lesson 029

1. Dino would like to have a red, blue and yellow butterfly.

2. Billy would like to have honey. Mary would like to have cheese.

    Pam would like to have bananas. Jack would like to have а ball.
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Lesson 028

3. Jill would like new skates.

4. We like Christmas. We love you, dear Santa! I would like new skates. We have got a nice Christmas tree. Merry Christmas! Happy New Year!

5. Jill is seven, and Jim is nine. They go to school. Jim and Jill help their mum. Rex is a nice black dog. Jim would like a new bike. They have got a nice Christmas tree.
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Lesson 027

1. Eleven, twelve, thirteen, twenty five, thirty one, forty six, fifty six, sixty two, seventy four, eighty eight, ninety three, one hundred.

3. [e] — bread, healthy, breakfast, head, pen.

    [ei] — grey, away, play, say, today, may.
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Lesson 026

1. Bess reads books on Sunday. Jack plays football on Sunday. Nick plays tennis on Sunday.

2. Twenty four — 24, twenty five, twenty six, twenty seven, twenty eight, twenty nine, thirty.

4. 1 — c, 2 — e, 3 — f, 4 — a, 5 — d, 6 — b.
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Lesson 025

1. Twelve, eighteen.

3. a — 2, b — 1, c — 5, d — 3, e — 4.

4. Yes, you may not. Yes, you may.

5. May I go out (play football, read, write, count to 20)?
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Lesson 024

1. It is a parrot.

2. It is big? Is it slim? Can it fly? Can it run? Can it jump?

4. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten.

5. One busy morning eleven busy cats wash their faces and clean their teeth in the house. Twelve busy monkeys play football in the zoo. Thirteen busy pigs read good books at school. Fourteen busy rabbits write in the their workbooks. Fifteen busy foxes count their pencils. Sixteen busy dogs run and jump in the park. Seventeen busy ducks swim in the river. Eighteen busy birds fly in the sky. Nineteen busy frogs skip in the forest. Twenty busy cockerels on the farm. And only one little Baby Elephant sleeps in his room.
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Lesson 023

1. You must take some bread, some cheese, some ham, some juice, some apples, some bananas, your hats, glasses, plates and a ball to play.

3. [i:] — ee, ea, e.

4. Much: coffee, cheese, bread, butter, corn, porridge, soup, tea, jam, meat, ham, ice cream.
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Lesson 022

2. You must wash your hands and face. You must clean your teeth. You must run, you must jump.

3. I think you must skip (ride a bike, swim, ski).

6. I must eat carrots, apples, cabbage, porridge, cheese, drink milk and juice. I must clean my teeth every day. I must run, skate, ski, swim, skip, jump, play football of tennis, walk with my friends.
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Lesson 021

1. Good morning, Jim! Good morning, Jill? — Would you like some porridge? — No, thank you. But I would like some tea and a cheese sandwich. — Ok! Here you are. Help yourself! — Thank you, Jill! — You are welcome.

3. I am Jim. I am nine. I go to school. I can read and write. I like to swim and skip. For breakfast I like sandwiches, cakes and ice cream. I have got many friends. We play together o Sundays.
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Lesson 020

1. A hat, a brown pencil.

2. I think the bag is orange. I think the pen is black. I think the book in green. I think the workbook is white. I think the rubber is pink. I think the pencil is brown. I think the jeans are blue. I think the hat is yellow.
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