Lesson 019

1. tea, please, jam, thank.

3. Would you like some cake? — Yes, please. — Here you are. — Thank you. May I have some coffee? — Of course. Here you are. — Thank you. — You are welcome.

4. 1 — c, 2 — a, 3 — b.
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Lesson 018

1. Tuesday — a ham sandwich, tea. Wednesday — some porridge, a cake, some milk. Thursday — eggs, a cheese sandwich, coffee. Friday — some porridge, a cake, tea.

2. Kate (Misha)! Let’s work together!

3. — Do you like carrots? — No, I don’t. — Do you like ham? — Yes, I do. — Would you like some ham? — Yes, please. — Help yourself.
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Lesson 016

Part 1


1. Jack.

2. 1 — c, 2 — c, 3 — c.

3. farm.

4. a.

5. 1 — a, 2 — b, 3 — c, 4 — c.

6. I like to play football (play chess, dance, sing, swim) on Sunday.
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Lesson 015

1. They would like to buy carrots, apples, a pen and a pencil.

2. I think I can buy bananas, oranges, lemons, carrots, cabbage and apples in the Green Shop. I think I can buy eggs, ice cream, butter, milk and cheese in the White Shop. I think I can buy coffee, tea, bread, a cake and sweets in the Sweet Shop. I think I can buy books, workbooks, rules, pens, pencils, rubbers and bags in the School Shop.
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Lesson 014

1. A parrot.

2. I have got a pet. He is nice and funny. He can run and jump. He likes fish and milk. He likes to play. He is smart. (He is a cat).

3. Meat shirt, close, speak, bird, tea, her, corn, teacher, jeans, please, read, ice cream.
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Lesson 013

2. Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. Friday, Saturday.

3. They read on Monday. They write on Tuesday. They count on Wednesday. They play chess on Thursday. They swim on Friday. They sing on Saturday.
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Lesson 012

1. Tom.

2. I have got a friend. His name is Dima. He can sing and dance well. He can’t ride a horse. He likes sweets and cakes.

3. They like to play football. They like to skate. They like to ride a bicycle.
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Lesson 011

1. Jim would like some soup, a ham sandwich and some tea. Jill would like some porridge, a cheese sandwich and some orange juice.

2. I would like a ham sandwich, some tea and a banana.

3. Does he/she like porridge (soup, fish, potatoes, a cheese sandwich)?
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Lesson 010

1. Martin and Billy.

2. Mary and Pam: — Do you like soup? — Sorry, I don’t like soup. — Do you like bananas? — Yes, I do. — Would you like some bananas? — Yes, please. — Help yourself.

4. [з:] — girl, bird, her, shirt, dirty.
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Lesson 08

1. Yes, I do. I like honey and sweets.

2. forest, nice, have, go, sweets, corn, like.

3. He is funny and kind. Billy is smart and merry.

4. Yes, he does. Yes, he has. Yes, he can. Yes, he does. No, he doesn’t. Yes, he does.
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