Lesson 09

2. She has got some ham (some porridge, some coffee, some soup, a sandwich, a banana, an orange).

3. I think Billy likes some honey, sweets and tea.

4. Help yourself.
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Lesson 07

2. Jill (Jim)! Would you like some fish (cheese, ham bread, butter, cake, sweets)? — Yes, please./ No thank you.

4. [□:] — for, short, or, corn, morning, horse.

    [α:] — farm, are, farmer, park, car, dark.
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Lesson 06

1. Would you like some bread? — No, thank you. Would you like some cakes? — No, thank you.


3. I like to run. I like to swim. I like to dance, read and sing.


4. He/She (It) likes to….. I (you, we, they) like to…..
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Lesson 05

2. Do you like ham (cheese, sweets, a cake, fish)? Would you like some ham (cheese, sweets, cake, fish)?


3. Do you like milk? — Yes, I do. — Would you like some milk? — Yes, please.


4. park, farmer, farm, cat, are, smart.
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Lesson 04

2. Do you like milk (bread, juice, cake, cheese, butter, ham, fish, eggs)? — Yes, I do. / No, I don’t.


3. a) [æ], b) [ei], c) [α:].


4. A black cat — 4, a green and red cockerel — 3, a strong farmer — 2, a black cat — 1.
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Lesson 03

1. Shi is Miss Chatter.


2. Miss Chatter, he is Martin. He is nine. He can run and jump. He can read well///


3. Например:

    My cat is fat,

    My cat is black.
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Lesson 02

1. Age 7. Can run, swim. Family — not big (a mother and a father).


2. He is seven. He can run and swim. He has got a mother and a father.


3. I think Billy has got a yellow book. I think Pam has got a blue book. I think Nick has got a green book. I think Jack has got an orange book. I think Jane got a green book. I think Bess has got a pink book. I think Thomas has got a brown book.
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Lesson 01

2. Good morning, pupils! I am you teacher. My name is Mr Greenwood. What is you name? — My name is Thomas (Bess, Jack, Nick, Jane, Pam, Peter, Martin).

3. Ten pupils. She is a mouse. Her name is Mary. His name is an elephant. His name is Thomas. She is a fox. Her name is Bess. He is a cockerel. His name is Nick. She is a monkey. Her name is Pam. He is a rabbit. His name is Martin. He is a pig. His name is Peter. He is a bear. His name is Billy.
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Progress check 1, 2, 3, 4


Progress check 1

Часть II
1) a; 3) b.
2 — 5 — 3 — 4 — 1.


Progress check 2

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Test yourself 7

It’s a ruler. It’s a workbook.
It’s a pencil sharpener. It’s a rubber.
… a teacher’s table;
a big board;
a) sing songs;
speak English;
learn poems by heart, draw pictures.
b) 1) They speak English in their English lessons.
2) They learn poems by heart in Reading lessons.
3) They sing songs in Music lessons.
4) They draw pictures in Art lessons.
1) that; 2) this; 3) these; 4) those.
…washed; cleaned; put; took; went; was; got; said.

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