Student – студент
Interview – интервью
Correspondent – корреспондент
Information – информация
Hobby – хобби
Musical – музыкальный
Instrument – инструмент
Group – группа
Theater – театр
Guitar – гитара
Typical – типичный
Manager – менеджер
Humour – юмор
Serious – серьезный
Local – местный (локальный)
Hallo, that’s a students’ interview in school №1. We are going to ask a local group of students a few questions. This student is serious, but he has many hobbies. That one is creative. He has two musical instruments at home. He can play the guitar. He goes to the theater very often.
Jess Hessett is a student of East Square London School. Her school invited some Russian students to visit London during their spring holidays.
Jess is responsible for the arrangement of an English-Russian student exchange. Jess gave interview to a correspondent of a youth newspaper “School friends”. She told him about her hobbies, the musical instrument she can play, the foreign languages she can speak and about her friends.
Together with Jess and other English classmates we are having a good time in London. We’ve already visited many places of interest in London. I like the London Eye most of all. There we had an unforgettable bird’s eye view of London. I took lots of photos and have already sent them to my relatives. While going on excursions round the city we learnt interesting facts from English history, bought some souvenirs and admired the capital of Great Britain. It was great!
1. …can’t she? – Yes, she can. – Она умеет играть на гитаре, не так ли? – Да, она умеет.
2. …, doesn’t she? – Yes, she does. – Она говорит по-французски, не так ли? – Да, она говорит.
3. …, does she? – Yes, she does. – Она не принимает участие в школьном обмене Британия — Россия, не так ли? – Да, она принимает участие.
4. …, aren’t they? – No, they aren’t. – Её увлечения – музыка и театр, не так ли? – Нет, это не так.
5. …, hasn’t she? – Yes, she has. – У неё есть подруга по переписке, не так ли? – Да, у неё есть.
6. …, didn’t she? – Yes, she did. – Вчера она дала интервью корреспонденту, не так ли? – Да, это так.
False – Katy wrote her letter in English. – Катя написала письмо на английском.
False – She is staying in London for two weeks. – Она остается в Лондоне на 2 недели.
True – Ее приемная семья очень гостеприимная
False – She has made many new friends at school. – Она подружилась с многими ребятами в школе.
True – Завтра утром она едет в Кембридж.
1. Is playing
2. Am watching
3. Speak
4. Is sleeping
5. Reads
6. Are having
Dear friend,
I can believe, I’m writing you from the capital of Great Britain. We’ve already spent here about r days, but it seems to be a whole life. So many expressions I have. So many amazing photos I want to show you.
Well, let me start with description of my host family and my partner. Her name is Jess. This girl is unbelievable. She is so kind and active. She is responsible for the entire exchange program, so she is rather serious but funny. She has a good sense of humour just like her father. Mr. Hassett is a polite gentleman and a strict father but he makes as laugh all the time. He is great! Jess’ mother is a beautiful hospitable housewife. She is also a good cook! I love this cool family.
At school there are also many interesting kids. We’ve made friends with most of them. We have already visited Trafalgar Square, the London Eye, the Tower of London and the Science Museum. In the museum we spent the Night of Science and learnt a lot about the world around us. This excursion I like most of all. London is an unforgettable city. I’d like to come here once again and again.
Tell me, please, what’s new at our school? How are you spending your spring holidays?
Best wishes,
Yours, Nina
Great Britain
6th of April.
Dear Mum,
I’m so happy that I don’t know what to start with. This trip to London is really the best present for my birthday I’ve ever had from you.
First, I’d like to tell you what place I like here most of all. The capital is really giant but our guide made it easy to find its best places if interest. We spent a day in Greenwich. This day is unforgettable. We visited the House of “Prime Meridian”. Just imagine this tiny place separates our world into parts: east and west. There I bought funny souvenirs and took lots of photos.
Our English friends spend all the time with us, so we have no problems here. They are very friendly and hospitable. I love my host family and haven’t felt homesick yet.
Love you all, best wishes to daddy and Katy.
Yours, Linda

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