Museum – музей, gallery – галерея, theater – театр, cinema – кино (кинематограф), stadium – стадион, park – парк, parliament – парламент, history – история, square – площадь, квадрат, taxi – такси, radio – радио, symbol – символ, abbey – аббатство, real – реальный, действительный, monument – монумент, памятник, tourist – турист.
1. Big Ben – Биг Бен – самые известные в мире часы.
2. The Houses of Parliament – Задние Парламента – это место, где заседает британский парламент.
3. Tower bridge – Тауэр бридж – самый известный мост в Лондоне.
4. Westminster Abbey – Вестминстерское Аббатство – самая известная английская церковь.
5. The Tower – Тауэр – древняя крепость.
A – 2
B – 4
C – 3
D – 1
1. Big Ben is a bell. – Биг Бен – это колокол.
2. Yes, that’s right. Spasskaya tower and Kuranti are the most famous symbols of Russia. We can hear them every half an hour in Red Square.
— Да, это правда. Спасская башня и Куранты – самые известные символы России. Мы можем их услышать каждые полчаса на Красной площади.
3. Yes, London Tower is very old. It’s famous its long and cruel history.
— Да, Лондонский Тауэр очень стар. Он известен своей длинной и жестокой историей.
4. Westminster Abby was founded by King Edward in 1065. – Вестминстерское Аббатство было основано королем Эдвардом в 1065.
5. English Parliament sits in the Houses of Parliament. Russian Parliament sits in the House of State Duma. – Английский парламент заседает в Доме Парламента. Российский парламент заседает в здании государственной Думы.
Tourism is very popular now, that’s why all the tourists are practically the same. When they arrive in a city or in a town they choose a hotel to stay in, call their relatives and friends to say that everything is OK. Every day they like sportsmen walk great distances. They try to see as much as possible. So in the evening they are very tired. Sometimes brave and strong tourists are healthy enough to go to theater in the evening and to taste and enjoy exotic traditional meals in the cafes. Some of them go on a boat, some prefer comfortable buses. But every tourist sends lots of text messages and postcards to share his happiness with others.
Children are having lunch in the café/
They are walking in the Tower and using a map.
They are buying some souvenirs for friends.
Welcome to the Tower of London!
There are lots of wonderful sights and interesting activities in this ancient fortress. You can visit the museums, see the Crown Jewels and take photos of the famous black ravens. Historical performances take place in the White Tower!
The guards of the Tower, known as beefeaters, take care of the museums and tell tourists about their past. You can take part in the excursion and enjoy their stories.
1. There are lots of interesting sights in the Tower, aren’t there? – Yes there are.
2. The Tower of London was founded twenty years ago, wasn’t it? – No, it wasn’t.
3. Beefeaters aren’t the guards of the Tower Bridge, are they? – No, they aren’t.
4. Special excursions take place in the Tower, don’t they? – Yes, the do.
5. You can see the Crown Jewels in the ancient fortress, can’t you? – Yes, I can.
6. The White tower isn’t situated in the Houses of Parliament, is it? – No, it’s not.
7. The Tower of London has a cruel history, hasn’t it? – Yes, it has.
1 – d
2 – e
3 – c
4 – a
5 – d
1 – different
2 – world – places – museums – historical
3 – visited – heard – Abbey
4 – tourists
— c – d – a – b –
1. On Monday Dima visited the Tower of London. He took lots of photos there.
2. On Tuesday Dima went to Buckingham Palace. He saw the Changing of the Guard.
3. On Wednesday he went to Greenwich.
4. On Thursday it was rainy and Dima visited the British Museum.
5. On Friday he is going to the London Eye.
1. Whу – Почему Дима был рад?
2. How many – Сколько комнат во дворце?
3. When – Когда Дима поехал в Гринвич?
4. What – В каком доме Дима побывал в среду?
5. What – Что Дима купил в четверг?
6. Which – Какой из лондонских мостов фотографировал Дима?
2. Greenwich
This is place in London which id on the river Thames. There is a special house, where the British Royal Observatory is situated. Through that place goes an imaginary line which divides the world into west and east.

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