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2. On
3. Of
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5. Of
6. For
[e] – дружелюбный, спортивного телосложения, образованный, независимый
[æ] – папа, бабушка, занятие, спортивный, тактичный
[ʌ] – бабочка, любящий, понимающий
[ə] – удивительный, мнение, вежливый, послушный
[ɒ] – сильный, оптимистичный, ответственный
[ɔ:] – высокий, официальный, разговорчивый, непослушный
His mother is not short, but is shorter than her husband. She is elegant and friendly. She has happy blue eyes and fair hair.
Stephan is serious and tall. He has short dark hair and brown eyes. He looks like his father. He will also become a handsome young man.
Stephan’s uncle is an athletic young fellow with short black hair and little dark eyes. He has a happy smile and he is tall and slim. His wife, Amy, is beautiful and elegant. She is not tall but is slim and has long dark hair.
Her eyes are big and brown.
Stephan’s sister is short and funny. She looks like her Mum, has rosy cheeks and plump little hands. Her hair is not long and is made like two ponytails. It’s ginger. Her eyes are also brown.
Stephan’s granddad is very tall and strong. He has wise eyes and short grey hair. His wife is beautiful. She has short fair hair and blue smiling eyes.
1. His Mum likes green and light blue colours. – Его мама любит зеленый и голубой цвета.
2. His sister looks like his mother. She is 5 years old and wears pink and purple colours. – Его сестра похожа на мама. Ей 5 лет, она носит розовое и фиолетовое.
3. His uncle hates formal clothes and usually wears jeans and trainers with pullovers. – Его дядя не любит официальную одежду. Он обычно носит джинсы и кеды со свитером.
4. His granddad likes gardening and playing Ping-Pong. – Его дедушка любит садоводство и игру в настольный теннис.
5. His granny is a librarian. – Его бабушка библиотекарь.
6. Stephan’s family is close and they get on well with each other. – Семья у Стефана дружная, они хорошо ладят друг с другом
My Mum is very beautiful and elegant. She has short dark hair and blue loving eyes. She loves cooking and reading women’s magazines. My Dad is handsome and strong. He is tall and athletic. He has short black hair and dark blue eyes. He also has a good sense of humour. He is fond of aviation and likes to play chess.
My little sister looks like mother. She has plump hands and middle dark hair. Her eyes are also blue. She is a good painter; she is drawing every time she is free.
My best friend, Nicky, is a tall guy with fair hair and dark green eyes. He is athletic and likes sports. We often play tennis together. All of us get on well with each other.
Kind – cruel – добрый – жестокий
Polite – impolite – вежливый – невежливый
Unfriendly – friendly – недружелюбный – дружелюбный
Obedient – naughty – послушный – непослушный
Clever – silly – умный – глупый
Non-athletic – athletic – неспортивный – спортивный
Stupid – wise – тупой – мудрый
Tactful – rude – тактичный – грубый
Unfriendly – friendly – дружелюбный – недружелюбный
Unwell – well – нехорошо – хорошо
Untidy – tidy – грязный – чистый
Informal – formal – неформальный – формальный
Unlucky – lucky – невезучий – везучий
Unpleasant – pleasant – неприятный – приятный
Impolite – polite – невежливый – вежливый
Unknown – well-known – неизвестный – известный
Independent – dependent – независимый – зависимый
Unlike – like – непохожий – похожий
To unzip – to zip – застегнуть – расстегнуть молнию
To undo – to do – разбирать – делать
1: May I ask you a few questions about your family?
2: You are welcome.
1: How can you call your family?
2: Our family is a classical Russian family. There are 4 of us: Mum, Dad, my little sister and I.
1: What does your Mum do?
2: She is an architect. She is fond of art and music. She plays piano very well, and speaks two foreign languages.
1: You get on well with your Mum, don’t you?
2: Yes, we are very close and spend a lot time together. She is loving and understanding. She is the best Mummy in the world.
1: What about your sister? Do you argue with each other?
2: She is 5 years younger than me, so we don’t argue very often. She is usually obedient, but sometimes very noisy.
1: Would you like to have one more sister or brother?
2: Yes, I’d like to have an elder brother to feel safe and independent. He would be very brave and strong.
1: Thank you for your answers.
2: My pleasure.
I like fair and easy going people. They make you feel yourself and you don’t have to think what to say next.
I don’t like rude and unsociable people. It’s difficult to talk to them.
I like people with good humour, because in any situation the fined a better side.
I don’t like irresponsible people. It’s impossible to have a deal with them, they are always late and don’t do what they say.
I’d like to be friends with a person. These characteristics are important for everybody. They make you interesting to other people. It’s pleasant to talk to such people.
I’d like to be friends with a kind and understanding man. It’s so cool when you can understand each other’s positions and can discuss everything you want.
2. Do children’s homework for them – делайте за детей домашнюю работу
3. Don’t punish them – не наказывайте их
4. Don’t wake them up early – не поднимайте рано
5. Let them go to the cinema every day – разрешайте ходить в кино каждый день
Правила для детей:
2. Phone your mums every half an hour for her to be sure you are very busy doing your homework and you don’t waste your time on phone calls. – Звоните маму каждые полчаса, чтобы она была уверена, что ребенок очень занят домашней работой и не тратит время на ненужные разговоры по телефону.
3. Get a bad mark and don’t tell anybody not to seem talkative, it’s a bed characteristic. – Получите плохую оценку и никому не рассказывайте об этом, чтобы не казаться болтливым, ведь это плохое качество.
4. Writ you composition on the wall for parents to know that it’s ready – Напишите свое домашнее сочинение на стене, чтобы родители сразу узнали, что оно уже сделано.
5. Talk to your parrot in English for parents to know how clever their child is. – Разговаривайте с попугаем на английском языке, чтобы родители знали, какой ребенок у них умный.
Our family is great but I’d like to spend more time with parents. I’d like them to work fight near our house, not to waste their time on the road to and from the workplace. I also would like to have a dog and to walk with it every morning and evening. It would come out from its little house to meet me when I come home from school.

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