1 – D
2 – C
3 – B
4 – A
1. Shi is riding a bike. – Она катается на велосипеде.
2. He is playing the piano. – Он играет на пианино.
3. We are singing. – Мы поем.
4. The girl is listing to the music. – Девочка слушает музыку.
5. It’s sleeping. – Он спит.
6. Shi is reading. – Она читает.
7. They are talking. – Они разговаривают.
8. The boys are swimming. – Мальчики плавают.
9. It’s playing. – Он играет.
It’s Saturday evening. Mr. Wooding is sitting in the armchair. He is reading a newspaper. His wife is watering the plants in the room. She isn’t watching TV. Their children are in the room too. What are they doing? The boy is listening to music and eating an apple. The girl is playing with a puzzle. There is a dog in the family. The dog is sleeping.
— T – М-р Вудинг сидит на диване.
— F – М-р Вудинг читает книгу. – Mr. Wooding is reading a newspaper. – М-р Вудинг читает газету.
— T – М-р Вудинг поливает цветы.
— F – Сын смотрит телевизор. – Their son is listening to music and eating an apple. – Сын слушает музыку и есть яблоко.
— T – Дочь играет в пазлы.
— F – Собака играет. – The dog is sleeping. – Собака спит.
Look at me! What am I doing? – Are you dancing? – No, I’m not.
— Are you swimming? – Yes, I am.
Attention! What am I doing? – Are you playing tennis? – No, I’m not.
— Are you playing volleyball? – Yes, I am.
Look at me! What am I doing? – Are you crying? – No, I’m not. – Are you sunbathing? – No, I’m not. – What are you doing then? – I’m visiting dentist.
I’m writing – я пишу
My father is taking photos – папа делает фотографии
My mother is helping – мама помогает
Tara is singing – Тара поет
We are having – мы имеем
We are going – мы собираемся
Do you feel cold? – Вы чувствуете холод?
How many children do you know? – Сколько детей вы знаете?
Who is your dad? – Кто ваш отец?
Do you like ice-cream? – Вы любите мороженое?
What are you going to do in summer? – Что вы собираетесь делать летом?
Where are the children? – They are in the yard.
What are they doing? – They are skating and decorating the New Year tree.
Where is the head teacher? – He is in his study.
What is he doing? – He is reading a newspaper.
Where are the girls and boys? – They are in the cinema/
What are they doing? – They are watching a film.
Where are our friends? – They are at school.
What are they doing? – They are shaking hands.
Where is the puppy? – It’s in the hall.
What is it doing? – It’s sleeping.
On Sunday mornings our family is at home or goes to the dacha. We sleep till 10 or 11 o’clock, because there is no need to get up early. Then we usually have breakfast in the kitchen, but when we are in the country side and it is summer we have breakfast outdoors. We enjoy food and morning sun. Then we always help Mum to wash the dished and clean the table. After that we are free and can do everything we want. My sister and I often play chess (if it’s a rainy day) of play badminton (If it’s a sunny day).
Now we are having a rest after a long walk in the nearest forest. Mum is knitting, dad is watching TV, my little sister is drawing and I’m making plans for the next week.

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