[ɒ] – памятник, извините, колонна, верхушка, низ
[aʊ] – основанный, город, дом, о, корона, фонтан
[ʌ] – Лондон, страна, культурный, цветной, чудесный
[k] – уметь, колонна, разноцветный, культурный, Рождество
[s] – центр, центральный, век, кино, место, дворец
Monument – памятник
Column – колонна
Tourist – турист
Photo – фото
December – декабрь
Center – центр
Fountain – фонтан
A The center of London
Four lions
The weather is fine
A colourful 50-meter Christmas tree
B Nelson’s Column
Lovely fountains and historical monuments The Beginning of Christmas and New Year Everyone
1. Nelson’s Column – колонна Нельсона
2. 4 lions at the bottom of the column – 4 льва у подножия колонны
3. Lovely fountains – очаровательные фонтаны
4. Historical monuments – исторические памятники
5. Thousands of tourists – сотни туристов
6. 50-meter Christmas tree in December – 50-метровая Рождественская ёлка
7. Different cultural festivals – Разнообразные культурные фестивали
Red Square is the symbol of the Russian Federation. It’s well-known all over the world. This square is one of the largest in the world. It’s famous for many beautiful cathedrals and churches, for its long and interesting history. St. Basil’s cathedral and Lenin’s mausoleum are situated there. Every day thousands of tourists from eastern and western countries visit Red Square. In winter everyone can come and skate in the open air skating rink. It’s beautifully decorated. Two of the most famous and important military parades took place there: one in 1941 and another in 1945. They marked the beginning and of Great Patriotic war.
The Statue of Liberty – the USA
The Sydney Opera House – Australia
The Taj Magal – India
Bib Ban – Great Britain
The Great Wall of China – China
Have you ever been to Oxford? – No, I haven’t.
Have you ever been to Greenwich? – Yes, I have.
Have you ever been to Moscow? – Yes, I have.
Have you ever been to Washington? – No, I haven’t.
Have you ever been to Paris? – Yes, I have.
Have you ever been to New York? – No, I haven’t.
Have you ever been to St Petersburg? – Yes, I have.
Have you ever been to Vladimir? – Yes, I have.
Have you ever been to Kazan? – No, I haven’t.
Have you ever been to London? – No, I haven’t.
Has she ever been to the London Tower? – No, she has not.
Has he ever been to the Kremlin? – Yes, he has.
Has your granny ever been to the zoo? – Yes, she has?
Have you ever been to the art gallery? – Yes, I have.
Have they ever beet to a museum? – No, they haven’t.
Have your friends ever been to Red Square? – Yes, they have.
I’ve never been to Paris. I want to go there because I like French and I want to walk along the avenue Champs Elysees.
I’ve never been to Australia. I’d like to go there to visit Sidney and to go to the Sydney Opera House.
I,ve never been to Connecticut. I’d like to go there to take photos and to buy souvenirs.
Have you ever been to New York? – No, I haven’t.
It’s worth eating because it’s tasty.
The film about Peter Pen is worth watching because it’s classical English film for children.
The Sherlock Holmes stories are worth reading because they tell us about famous English gentlemen.
The British Museum is worth visiting because there are lots of well-known works of art.
The Moscow Kremlin is worth seeing because it’s one of the most beautiful places in Russia.
Classical music is worth listening to because it makes us familiar with the world of art.
Apple pie is worth making because it’s very easy.
The London zoo is worth visiting because there are many exotic animals.
— What are you doing to do on Sunday morning?
— I don’t know yet.
— Have you ever been to the Dog Exhibition?
— No, I’ve never been there.
— Let’s go then. It’s worth seeing.
— Why not! See you tomorrow morning then.
– Have you ever been to London?
— No, I haven’t been there.
— It’s worth visiting. Come on! Let’s go to visit London next summer.
— I’d love to!
— Have you ever been to an art gallery?
— Of course, I have.
— Tomorrow a new exhibition opens in the British Museum! Come on!
— It’s worth seeing.
— Yes, why not!
[æ] – воск, восковые фигуры, дама, актер, статуя
[ai] – покупать, вид, писатель, ученый, труба
[ɑ:] – крупнейший, искусство, звезда, художник, танцор
[ʃ] – старинный, коллекция, политик, музыкант
[k] – характер, химия
[ks] – упражнения, выставка, восковые фигуры
1 – b
2 – d
3 – e
4 – a
5 – c
We are going to tell you a few words about the Science museum. This is an unusual place extremely popular among tourists in London. Here you can find big collections of different kind, special exhibitions and interesting activities. You can spend the Night of Science there, watch a 3D IMAX film and buy lots of original souvenirs. We have a similar museum in Moscow. It’s called Experimentanium.
This scientific museum is situated in Moscow. It was founded several years ago, but is already very popular among people of all ages. Adults come there with their children to show them how famous physical lows work, to take part in amazing experiments, watch useful scientific films and taste special food for cosmonauts. Museum offers many collections of all kind and is worth visiting if you like to learn more about the world around you.

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