When we by something via the Internet and arrange a meeting to get the thing we bought.
When we lost somebody in a crowded place, we go to the police station to tell them who we are looking for.
When telling a story and have to describe the appearance of the people we saw.
1. Sebastian was a boy who had a big dog Kellie. – Себастьян был мальчиком с большой собакой Келли.
2. Kellie could bring magazines and newspapers from the letterbox every morning. – Келли умела каждое утро приносить журналы и газеты из почтового ящика.
3. They went to school every morning. – Они каждое утро ходили в школу.
4. One day the saw a robbery of Mrs. Clifford. – Однажды они увидели ограбление м-с Клиффорд.
5. They rushed to help Mrs. Clifford. – Они побежали на помощь м-с Клиффорд.
6. Sebastian told Kellie to go after the robber. – Себастьян приказал Келли следовать за вором.
7. The robber looked around and saw just a little boy walking with a big dog. – Вор оглянулся и увидел маленького мальчика, идущего с большой собакой.
8. Sebastian just wanted to see where the robber goes. – Себастьян хотел только увидеть, куда идет вор.
9. Kellie went for help. – Келли отправилась за помощью
10. I guess, he wrote “I found the robber: 10 Sainsbury Street” – Я думаю, он написал «Я нашел вора: 10 Сейнсбери стрит».
Sebastian had a close friend called Kellie. Kellie was a kind and intelligent dog. Sebastian was sure that Kellie was the smartest dog in the world. Kellie could bring in magazines and newspapers from the letterbox to Sebastian’s mum. One day the friends saw a robbery. A robber pushed a woman, took her bag and ran off. Nobody saw the robber except for Sebastian and Kellie. They went after the robber. Then Sebastian wrote a note with the address and gave it to Kellie ran to Sebastian’s mum.
Were: be – was/were – been – быть
Thought: think – thought – thought – думать
Wrote: write – wrote – written – писать
Got: get – got – got – получать
Play – играть
Could: can – could – could – мочь
Bring: bring – brought – brought – приносить
Went: go – went – gone – ходить
Carry – нести
Waited – ждать
Came: come – came – come – приходить
Visited – посетили
Worked – работала
Saw: see – saw – seen – видеть
Pushed – толкнул
Took: take – took – taken – забрать
Left: leave – left – left – оставить
Closed – закрывать
Rushed – помчаться
Followed – последовали
Stopped – остановился
Looked – посмотрел
Walk – ходить
Told: tell – told – told – сказал
Want – хотеть
Catch: catch – caught – caught – ловить
Opened – открыл
Said: say – said – said – сказал
Gave: give – gave – given – дал
Stay – остаться
Watch – смотреть
I have a pet. Its name is Woody. He is a parrot. He is funny and smart. He can speak Russian. He knows a few words like “Hallo! I’m Woody. How are you? It’s late dear! Have you finished your homework?” My Mum often tells these things to me, so he always listens to her and repeats. He likes to eat ice cream and drink juice. He is an unusual parrot. I like to talk to him in English.
1. First Kellie looked for Sebastian’s mum at home. – Сначала Келли искала маму Себастьяна дома.
2. Kellie found many people in the café, among them were the police, Sebastian’s mum and Mrs. Clifford. – Келли нашла в кафе много людей, среди них были полиция, мама Себастьяна и м-с Клиффорд.
3. No, she didn’t give the note to the police officer. She gave it to Sebastian’s mum. – Нет, она не отдала записку офицеру полиции. Она отдала её маме Себастьяна.
4. Sebastian heard: “Hey, kid! I saw you earlier. Come here!” – Себастьян услышал: «Эй, малыш, я тебя уже видел! Подойди сюда!»
5. Sebastian’s mum and Kellie came to Sainsbury Street together with the police. – Мама Себастьяна и Келли приехали на Сейнсбери стрит вместе с полицией.
6. His mum told the boy: “Next time you decide to go catch a robber, please, tell me first!” – Мама сказала мальчику: «В следующий раз, когда решишь ловить преступников, предупреди меня сначала!»
Looked – посмотрел
Was: be – was/were – been – быть
Thought: think – thought – thought – думать
Went: go – went – gone – идти
Saw: see – saw – seen – видеть
Sitting: sit – sat – sat – сидеть
Talking – разговаривают
Came: come – came – come – приходить
Gave: — give – gave – given – давать
Read: read – read – read – читать
Said: say – said – said – говорить
Standing: stand – stood – stood – стоять
Waiting – ждать
Knew: know – knew – known – знать
Opened – открыл
Get: get – got – got –получить
Wished – хотел
Hiding: hide – hid – hidden – прятать
Take: take – took – taken – брать
Stop – останавливаться
Arrived – появляться
Heard: hear – heard – heard слышать
Barking – лаять
Running: run – ran – run – бежать
Made: make – made – made – делать
Decide – решать
Catch: catch – caught – caught – ловить
Tell: tell – told – told – говорить
3. They follow the robber. – Они преследуют вора.
4. Sebastian writes a note and gives it to the dog. – Себастьян пишет записку и передаёт её собаке.
5. Kellie gives the note to the mum. – Келли передает записку маме.
6. The robber speaks to the boy. – Вор говорит с мальчиком.
7. The police catch the robber. – Полиция ловит преступника.
8. Mum and Kellie meet the boy. – Мама и Келли встречают мальчика.
There lived a boy; whose name was Sebastian and his best friend Kellie. She was a smart dog. She could bring magazines and newspapers to Sebastian’s mum every morning. They went to school together. Once they saw a robbery. The robber pushed a lady and took her bag. He ran away and nobody saw him except Sebastian. The boy followed the robber and found where he lived. He wrote a note and gave it to the dog. Kellie came to the café where she gave the mote to the mum. The police went to the street to catch the robber. While they were going there the boy saw a robber and the robber tried to talk to the boy. The police cane on time and arrested the robber. Sebastian’s mum and the dog met the boy.
C: May I ask you a few questions about your champion-pet?
O: Sure.
C: What does it like most of all?
O: She liked playing with me, bringing me things and listening to the radio.
C: Oh, really? How does she listen to the radio?
O: Every morning while I’m having breakfast she comes to the kitchen and listens to the radio that always broadcast morning news.
C: Very unusual dog! Describe us here main characteristics, please.
O: Well, she is kind and loving, but noisy sometimes. She is the smartest dog I have ever known.
C: Thank you. It was pleasant to talk to you.

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