1. Her hobby is reading. – Её хобби – чтение.
2. Their hobby is listening to music – Их хобби – слушать музыку.
3. His hobby is cooking. – Его хобби – кулинария.
4. Their hobby is dancing. – Их хобби – танцы.
5. His hobby is playing football. – Его хобби – играть в футбол.
Cooking is useful for family.
Writing is not easy but interesting.
Sport is good for your health.
Playing computer games is for lazy kids.
Collecting stamps/ postcard is dull.
Listening to music is pleasant.
Watching TV is no use to anyone.
Going to the theater is for intelligent people.
Dancing is for active people.
Reading books is the best hobby.
Playing musical instruments is for clever people.
Taking photos is fun.
1. Who was Balzac? – He was a famous French writer.
2. What hobby did he have? – He could tell people’s character by their handwriting.
3. Who brought him an exercise book? – His friend brought Balzac an exercise book.
4. What did Balzac tell about boy’s character? – It was a bed and lazy fellow.
5. Who was that boy? – It was Balzac himself.
1. Linda’s father is walking down the corridor. – Отец Линды спускался по коридору.
2. Linda is talking to her cat in a kind voice. – Линда разговаривает с кошкой нежным голосом.
3. Отец видит дочку в ванной с кошкой.
4. Linda is cleaning her cat’s teeth with her father’s toothbrush. – Линда чистит зубы своей кошке зубной щеткой отца.
5. Мама отпускает кошку.
6. Линда удивлена.
– What kind of books do you usually read?
— I usually read detective stories and books on history.
— What book are you reading at the moment?
— I’m reading a story by Agatha Christie. A very good one.
— Do you speak Spanish?
— Yes, I do a little.
— Are they speaking Spanish of Italian at the moment?
— Wait a minute! I think they are speaking Spanish.
I’ve got a friend. Her name is Dasha. She is 14 years old. She is taller than me with long fair hair and dark blue eyes. She is a very calm person, but sometimes she is a bit shy. She likes to spend her free time outdoors. She is a good dancer too. Dasha has a pet at home. Its mane is Lui. It’s a hamster. He has a tiny red house in his cage and likes to carry there everything he got. He collections carrots and cucumbers, seeds and nuts there. Dasha loves her Lui.
Yesterday we had an opportunity to talk to linda about her hobbies. She is an active person and likes to travel a lot. So Lidia collects things that she brings back home from her trips, but these things are very unusual. Lidia collects bells. Her home is full of them. Here and there bells are hanging from the ceiling; bells are standing on the shelves. They produce amazing sound and are made of different materials and in different countries. She has a least 100 bells at home.

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